Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh My...Where has the time gone~

I can't believe its been over a month since my last post. The time has flown by.

What a busy season, as I am sure its crazy for most of us~ Well in our house we have been very busy with Christmas lists, school programs, party going as we celebrate the season with friends and family and trying to get our house ready for family to join us at our home. I think I have been slowly decorating the house since after Thanksgiving. I love it though!! Every year I tell my husband I'm missing a few boxes and we don't find them until we are putting away the decorations...ugh!! Maybe next year~ Christmas always warms my heart as I see it through my kids eyes. Many memories and lots a laughs. This year my 2 year old calls reindeers, "reincows" hahaha! One day at lunch we were watching a program when the commerical came on for one of those jewelry stores and she turns to me and says, "Mommy, you need diamonds!" A girl after my own heart, but then she followed up with, "I need them too" girl too! I whispered in her ear, "tell daddy". Love those moments! This year was a also a new tradition for us, we did a theme tree. We decided to put our tree in our basement which is pretty rustic, I love our basement, its cozy to me and we spend most of out time there. Most of our ornaments were homemade, we put the tree in an old wash bin and went for more of a natural look. Lots of pine cones, nests, copper leaves, hand carved Santas....oh my these were my favorite, what a talent!! Ya know, I have to add whimsy and I had mice holding leaves, these fellas are cute~ A twig star and wooden sleds. I bought handmade glass ornaments with vintage buttons and lace...these are beautiful and when the light hits them they twinkle. We also made reindeer ornaments with finger prints from the kids, this was so much fun. Their pinky fingers are so little~ I think this will be our tree next year and we will add pictures with twig frames each year. I hope you all had fun decorating your trees too~
I hope you enjoyed our tree. May you all be blessed this season and remember to share the story of our Savior. God Bless.

I could ramble all day, so please forgive the splurge....I have been tagged by a sweet friend Elaine from Artful-Spirit.
So I will tell you five random things about me.....

1. I'm a big dork~ and admit it. I love silly things and being a kid with my kids. I enjoy the ages they are at and know that things will be changing all too soon :( Cant we all have the spirit of our little ones~

2. I have a passion for photography. I love seeing all sorts of images. Even though I am soooo bad at taking pictures, my dream is to face my challenge and take a photography class and learn this wondrous craft! When I have the time.....hahah

3. I took seven years of German in high school and in college and don't remember any of it.....I know that is BAD~
It is not true its like riding a bike, you will remember how......I can count that is IT!! If I am listening I can a understand a bit, but can't have a conversation back with you! UGH!!

4. I love to decorate and will change things in my house all the time. My husband runs when I have a new idea....
I read magazines and clip things out and save them in a folder....I admit I'm on my second folder. Plus I don't throw any of my magazines studio has mounds. I have a whole big chest filled with my archives. I know I have to stop, but I am picky I only like a few publications. heehee

5. I am extremely hard on myself. More probably insecurities then obsession, but I hope in time I can let things go.
I know I ended on a downer, but I am trying to be positive and admit my downfalls.
This has been great. I will end it with me, since everyone is soooo busy at this time I wont tag anyone. Have a wonderful holiday season and stay warm. Donate coats to ones who need it and spread the word !! I leave you with a picture of my daughter all bundled up!! Take care....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Portrait and MANY THANKS!!!!!

Thanks so much who have written and wished me well. I am doing better and still trying to cope with the pain.
Everyday gets better and I hope to be back to my wacky self soon....thanks again for all the support.
My blog family is amazing!! Your emails have helped tremendously!! There are no words to express my gratitude.
Many thanks even though just saying thank you doesn't seem like it's enough.... :)
My kids make me laugh and we are enjoying the Halloween season......Here is a portrait of our family! I hope you enjoy it :)

Every year we make pumpkin people and each year the kids get into it more and more. I love the shapes of gourds and the colors are just glorious!!

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys Halloween and be safe. Over the weekend we did go to a festive Halloween party and of course we dressed are the kids walking to the door. I love shots like this. Yes, I have two little chicks and our son is a headless horsemen....he didn't want to be a chick. I guess being nine, he didn't want to please his mama. He has a great costume though!! Yes, my husband and I dressed for the occasion too, he was a farmer and I was the mama chick....unfortunately we didn't get pics of us....maybe tomorrow. Again thanks for all your support.I will be out of town next week for an art show.....we've been debating on going or cancelling and we decided to just go, even if I don't have much product. I thought it would be inspirational and uplifting. So if you are in the neighborhood come on by and say hi!
The show is called, "From Our Hands" and its in Columbus Ohio. They have a few workshops and it should be a fun weekend....check out the website for more info I will post soon, for now be well and take care!! smiles :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Need to refuel....I'll be back~

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for being a bad blog lady. Time flies. I have been undergoing some health issues and it has put me a bit behind.

I need a good refueling. Hopefully everything will settle soon, but for now I need to step back and recharge. Please say a prayer for my heeling. I wont go into too much details, but I have extreme chest pain and all the blood work and xrays came back normal...which is great, but still doenst explain the pain. So they think I might have shingles. So I am hoping with the some rest and taking some time off I will be back to my crazy self soon :) I have three up coming fall/winter I will either be cancelling or just bring the creations I have already completed.

I will leave you with a pics of some fall pieces. Im off on my broom to hopefully feeling better~Blessings to all~ Enjoy the colors of the season!

Monday, September 10, 2007

New projects and milestones.....

Hello....I have been inspired. I have found boutique clothing for little ones in recent blogs that I have found. This does not fit into my budget of raising three little ones, but some of these outfits are just gorgeous!! So when one of the designers offered a kit, I decided to take the plunge! :O When I received the kit, I thought I bit off more than I could chew. Well my awesome mother in law helped out and I am so pleased. These little jeans are just darling, what do you think? I am not a sewer, but I have learned this technique and will try again, I have two little girls and the are both wanting one pair I am off to do a second pair!!

I especially love jeans with can find Angie's jeans and other great outfits at She is so nice and talented. Thanks, Angie for the inspiration. I love unique things for my girls...I guess thats the artist in me~

Next I have a personal issue....I have begun running again. It so hard to stick to a routine, but I am determined. I feel more empowered when I go for a run and it releases the stresses of the day. I am struggling as a mom to break away and run for just an husband is encouraging, but it is my own battle. So far its going well, but I am still struggling to find mom time. So far I am my running shoes have tallied over 10 miles.....I feel good and no injuries yet, but its only the first week. Wish me luck and and any advice would be great~ Our new puppy Finn lays by my shoes after I get home.....he feels my struggles LOL :) I love my new lime green shoes's my new favorite color!!

Take care and be inspired!! Smiles~Jackie

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pumpkin Keeper and Fairies are coming.......

Fall is in the air...maybe not too crisp tonight, but I am yearning for the colder evenings and colors changing. I love when the leaves start to dance. I am working on fall goodies, but I recently did a piece that is close to my heart. This piece above is called "Pumpkin Keeper". I used doll parts that were made by my Aunt, an old cardboard spice container and a small little bird cage with copper leaves attached. She was so fun to put together and instead of doll parts just sitting in a box, I am truly grateful and inspired by doll makers. The expressions on their little faces are so intriguing to me......this one reminds me so much of my little girl. Here's a close up.....

On another note.....fairies are coming. Recently I purchased a fairy door and my husband lovingly installed it for our two little girls. Not really, but after all the drywall was cleaned up by me, he did admit it was you honey :)
After much discussion, we decided to put it in this nook by the stairs. I painted the wall a blue for fun and think I will add flowers for some far every visitor that comes over just laughs and actually gets down and checks it out... heres a close up, its actually a six panel door. Its been so fun and the girls are drawing pictures and playing fairy princess' almost every day. It has sparked such fun!! I got the door at a great online store and her blog is fun to read too...check it out. Catherine's blog is called Red Shoes . She has great handpainted furniture and accessories!

Well I hope you enjoyed my whimsy for this evening , I must scoot back to work.....

Take care and hope all is well. Blessings~

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tagged...the name game

I have been tagged by a wonderful artist Elaine. Here are the rules: You have to post these rules before you give the facts. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog. middle name is...dont laugh, Lee.

L - love life!

E- energetic

E - easy going~

I tag.....

1. Susan - Middleburg Folk Studio

2. Lori - Faerie Window

3. Michelle - The Blackberry Briar

Ok ladies have fun............I sure did! I will be posting a few Halloween pieces for Glitter and Grunge this Friday....

Here is a sneak peek :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Jumble of Everything.....

Hello Everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile....time flies. I feel the summer has flown by and we went on a vacation last week, then school started today....OH MY!! I have two that are in school and today was hard for me. I cant believe the years are flying by and I get to be a participant in the grace of God. I have always been in wonderment of my kids, but I think I am more so as they grow and their personalities are forming. Each stage is a new journey and I am grateful everyday~
So I will carry on.....our vacation was a great getaway. We went up north and spent a few days at our friends summer home. It was great. We boated, fished and cooked out every meal....which is fun because my hunny thinks he is a chef and goes all out. So I like vacation, because I get to be on vacation from cooking. Even though I love to cook, it's nice to have a break once in awhile :0 plus he is a great cook!! When we were noodling around we came across a roadhouse we had to try...the name said it all! Fat Jack's Roadhouse! So my husband had a break from cooking and we had some local food...delicious~plus the name :O) love it!!

The kids loved fishing and boating. Even though it was a bit overcast we made the best of it~ We only caught three fish.....I should say the girl's only caught three fish. We had a lot of fun makin' smores, swimming and just hanging out. We even taught the kids a game called "spoons" so it was a grand time....a much need relaxing getaway :)

Boating was a fun....our youngest had a tough time with the life jacket, she was more like the abominable was quit funny~ Our oldest two had blast tubing. The lake was like glass and we had such fun watching them giggle and jump wakes! Our youngest is waving at her older siblings...maye next year will tug her around in the bay.

Of course I had to noodle around the town and find treasures...quaint little shops and eye candy for me~

We also brought one of four legged children, our puppy Finnley. He actually turned one while we were on vacation. Finn had a wild weekend.....he went on the boat for the first time, fished with the kiddos and even caught some rays on a float in the pool~ he had a great birthday!

Lastly...before I bore you too much I will add a little creation I just did as a custom order for two little girls room. I added this picture...because "Nice Matters" and I wanted to thank you for voting for me...I was very touched. The love bugs were fun....I did a pink and lime green I am thanking you for all the love...a love bug bite :)

I hope all enjoy the beginning of the school year and have wonderful labor day.....I will be posting soon. I did a swap with two amazing artist and cant wait to share my treasures that I I am working on a new project...entirely different then what I am doing, but I am loving it~take care and many blessings!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tagged....natural wonders!!

Hello Ladies....I have been tagged. Not quite sure how to do this, but I am going to give it a try. This is a natural wonders tag. So I am tagging ladies that are amazing artists and are a wonderment to me. Each of you inspire me and bring joy to the art world!! So here goes.....Some of the wonders are new, but all of then have an unbelievable awwww when you see them.

The Golden Gate Bridge
Garboodles~ Mica
When you cross into her world you will be amazed and inspired!

Mount Everest
Back Porch Pickins ~Tonya
Climb into her world and see her primitives, there great!

The Statue of Liberty

Colleen Moody~ A Seasonal Mood
Her art is of pure elegance.

The Inca City

Sam I Am Creations - Sandy When you look through her window you will see a grand experience. Her art & photos are breathtaking!

The Great Barrier Reef

Hop Hop Jingle Boo ~ Debra
Her imagination into her creations are endless, I love getting lost in her world~

Big BenPolka Dot Pixie - Jen
When you cross into her world, time will escape you. Her art is wonderful and whimsical!!

The Belize Barrier Reef
The Bunnies' Bungalow ~ Debra

Her blog is a beautiful place and I'm touched that you tagged me :)

Well that was fun, I even learned a few many new wonders.
I hope you all enjoyed the tag! The idea behind this challenge is to to write the names of 8 friends in a unique way~ 'using the wonders of the world'. Tag 7 friends and the person who tagged you.
So if you have a chance get a history lesson and check out the natural wonders of the world~
So goodbye for now....
I will be posting some goodies soon,
I have been working on some custom orders and goodies for friends.
Take care and Enjoy the day~

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walking through another artists shoes!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't blogged sooner. My husband has moved his business , which he was at the same location for over 17 years. It was a tremendous task and I didn't see much of him for last three weeks. So daily tasks with the kids and the house have been a bit chaotic. I have had a few custom orders to complete, so the house needed a good cleaning......and no the cleaning fairies didn't come, darn! So things are slowly getting back to order.

Over the weekend we emptied my aunt's storage building.....whoa was it hot! My uncle, dad, husband and myself trucked downtown Chicago and went to a storage building my aunt had been paying on for over 20 years :O

She had not been down there and told us to get rid of everything. So not knowing what we had in store, we went down their with two trucks, a van and a car. Oh my Oh my......I, I know, I was the only one that thought what was in there was great. It was filled with art books, pictures she drew and just a history of her life I did not know. She never talked about her love of the arts. She was an amazing artist~ truly gifted. I did receive her amazing talent as gifts when each of my kids turned one she drew unbelievable portraits of each of them. I am so in awe of these and will treasure these pictures forever. The storage building was filled with ads she had designed for Marshall Fields, sketch books of doodles and portraits....these are my favorites as I have a ton of doodle books of my own. She was a doll collector and maker too. I wouldn't have known she was a doll maker, but during the move one of the dolls broke. As I was picking up the pieces, I saw her name engraved into the porcelain. I think my mouth dropped in admiration. The detail her dolls had were just captivating. An art I don't know well, but I will appreciate now forever~ I wont ramble too much, but at the end of the day I was in tears. To see her life as a phenomenal artist, I am just grateful to use some of her things. I brought home some art books, an art table and many drawings that I will cherish. I also have a few dolls that she made and have a new appreciation for the art. I think she will be happy to know that it will be preserved and carried on. If I can be a tenth of her talent then I will be blessed. She is a great artist and I am grateful to have her in my life!!

To another great artist, my friend Mica from Garboodles is hosting a Vintage Kitchen Swap.....I wasn't quite sure about this with all that is happening at my house, but I decided to join. My swap partner is great and her blog is just fantastic. Go check her out at Lori is super nice and I can't wait to send out her goodies!!

Lastly, another month has flown by and Glitter and Grunge will update tomorrow. Check it out and see the wonderful works of these amazing women. I have attached a piece I will be adding for the month of August. Its a new birthday line. Its customized pieces for any ages. And yes, we should celebrate every year, no matter what age!! The two I am posting is one for a new baby boy, with airplanes, stars and clouds which his little banner reads, "A Star is Born" and a sweet giraffe on wheels with a number one on it. Each can be customized and is a special keepsake. So on this birthday note, tomorrow I will be celebrating my oldest baby's birthday. It brings me to tears as he is growing up so fast. My baby is not my little baby anymore, but I do remind him he is still my baby~ So I will end this post with a wish, may your day be filled with joy and may your year be one of celebration!! Take care!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New things are coming....

Hello Everyone,

My art show was this past weekend and I met great people and other fantastic artists. It was a grand experience.
For the past year I have done mainly internet sales and have had my creations at a local boutique which has kept me very busy. So this was my first experience meeting my customers and enjoying this creative environment with other artists. It was FANTASTIC! I loved it, just having the long conversations, people coming and liking my work was overwhelming. I had a wide range of people from small kids to even grown men smiling at my pieces. That made me very happy and very inspired. I have always been a closet artist, not signing my pieces and just sorta standing in the corner and if someone asks shyly saying "yes, I did that". I hope all my work brings a smile and this has made me sorta spring forward and keep creating. Family and friends have always sorta pushed, but this I have to say was very heartwarming. Thanks to all that came and supported this adventure :)

So I have been filling orders and have a large order going to the store, but Glitter and Grunge is approaching fast so here is a sneak peek of what I will be putting on for the month of August.
My Bathing Beauties are just waiting to bask in the sun. Each one is made from paperclay and stands an impressive 17 iches tall. Their colors very from black and red to red and navy. Each one carries a flag made from vintage stamps or a glittered sign that reads Miss Summer. Sorry the picture lacks detail, they are kinda large. If interested I can send a close up, just email me. I will be posting more soon!
For now enjoy the week and thanks again for your continued support :) Ohh, I also wanted to add I went on a new blog that was so terrific. She has a store too with great quirky things, so check it out. Its worth the eye candy!! Its called Red Shoes here is the link. Take care!

n for

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Surprise!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I received a special surprise from artist friend Mica from Garboodles.

Maybe you new beautiful banner for my blog. Thank you, thank you.....I love it~

Go visit her blog as you will see even her blog is a work of art. I love to go there and get inspired!

So I have been busy as a bee.......I have an art fair this weekend and have been creating my little heart out. My son counted my pieces because they have taken over the dining room. I told my husband I wasnt going to give myself a number to get to, because I would probably not attain that goal. Well, I was pleasantly surprised I have over 70 pieces. So my booth will not be bare :) My husband has been helping me with my booth presentation, so he has been a BIG help too. I will post after the show, so wish me luck and have a great weekend!! BUZZZZ.....

Monday, July 9, 2007

WOW! I have great news!!

Happy Monday! Its a hot and sticky one here, so I am staying cool inside. Yesterday was start of a wonderful auction for a family that lost their daughter. You can read more details on the auction and their story. A lot of amazing artists donated artwork for the family. As of yesterday there over 6 thousand dollars raised....great golly that is wonderful!! That moves me to tears and really says there is a lot of giving people out in this world. The piece above is what I donated. Its an angel holding a bluebird and the container reads, "Soar My Angel". Please visit the auction and give what you can. Its going to a great cause and the family has been touched from all the response. Thank you if you already have donated or bid.

I also received my bunny swap goodies from Debra. I was lucky to have her as a swap partner. I love all the goodies she sent. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! That was my first swap and I had so much fun!!

Lastly, I am going to be away from my computer. I am preparing for an art fair in two weeks. I am very nervous. I have been working for a couple of months but I feel a rush of pressure these last two weeks :( Any tips or advice would be great....I will try to post updates and progress, I have a lot of new pieces and will share them soon! You can visit the website and check out all the artists.

Ohh one more thought.......a nice lady had emailed me and asked if I was being "mean" to myself with my name...FAT JAK Originals. So I thought I would share the meaning of my name. I am a stay at home mom of three great kids. Jake, Alexis and that is where the JAK came from....and just feeling blessed for having God's grace and allowing me to have three great that is where FAT came from be blessed with my children and family. So there you have it....if you were interested :)

Take care and blessings to all!!


Saturday, June 30, 2007 all about it!!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabtabulous weekend. I have a couple of things happening this evening, so bare with me :) my head is spinning with lots of thoughts. Tomorrow is the grand re-opening of the website I am apart of Missy has done an amazing job and my hats are off to rock! I have added three pieces for sale and one is up for an up coming auction I am apart of. It is for an artist/mom whose beautiful daughter recently lost her battle with cancer. You can read her story and eulogy (very touching) and hopefully bid on a piece and know its going to such a good cause!! I will post more details closer to the auction, but I do believe the auction will be sometime this month. Here is the blog of the family's journey. Please check it out and say a prayer for the family in this grieving time The above picture is my piece for the auction. Its a sweet angel on a container box. She is sculpted out of paper clay. She is painted and distressed with pinks and creams. She is holding a tiny blue bird and the box reads, "Soar My Angel". She is just over 8 inches tall and has a paper glittered hat adorned with a pink crystal. She also has her pink boa wings and is guiding her new angel for her departure.

A couple days ago Debra received her bunny. I was so lucky to have her as my swap partner. I am so glad you liked your little guy and thanks so much for hosting such a great swap! She is an amazing artist so if you haven't heard or seen her artwork check her website out I love that name don't you? Here is what I sent her....I am anxiously awaiting my bunny too =:) =:)

Lastly, but not least at all...... please check out and look at all the great artists. The site should be spectacular. Here is one of the pieces I did for July. I must log off for now so I will leave you with what is in my heart......hug you loved ones and hold them tight :) Blessings to all.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Bunny has hopped travels!

Good Morning,

Friday I shipped my bunny to it's new home. I hope my bunny swap partner enjoys the little guy.
I will post a picture when I know she receives it! I wouldn't want to spoil the fun!!
On another note over the weekend, I went to an auction I usually go to on Friday nights....I know I'm pretty boring. This is so fun and hardly anyone knows about this great little place or better yet they probably have better plans for a friday night :O, but I think it's spectacular! You get really great stuff for a for almost nothing. I picked up an Amish armoire/hutch for only 25 dollars, yes I said only 25 dollars!! What a BARGAIN!! Its going in my little studio....what a great find!!

I also picked up a ton of old sheet music (about thigh high) from the 50's for just 5 dollars. I always find fun stuff!! My husband knows I will not come home empty handed :) Well I will post soon but for now have a great day!