Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Bunny Art Swap....Hooray!

Ok I have been noodling on other peoples blogs all addicting.

I dont know how interesting mine will be, but I try to share a glimpse into my world.

I am participating in a art swap. A few artists swap their talents and trade artwork. How fun, I am so excited! The host is a great artist. You can check out the details. Http://

I will keep you posted and try to post photos of my bunny that I'll be sending to another artist. Take care~
Hello Everyone. Well I did it. I started a blog. I have no goals or thoughts on what I will say in the future, but hopefully I wont bore you. I am an artist in the beautiful midwest. We live in a quaint little town by the Fox River. I get inspiration for my art from everything...from cards I receive, the seasons changing during the year and my hilarious kids. Since starting to venture out with my artwork I have meet some wonderful artists. I will probably tell you about my treasures I find at the flea markets, art fairs and unique shops I run across. I feel fortunate to call some of these artists my friends and I hope the "blog" world will mark a new journey and bring new friends. So here is a toast to all that come by and read my silly stories.