Monday, June 25, 2007

My Bunny has hopped travels!

Good Morning,

Friday I shipped my bunny to it's new home. I hope my bunny swap partner enjoys the little guy.
I will post a picture when I know she receives it! I wouldn't want to spoil the fun!!
On another note over the weekend, I went to an auction I usually go to on Friday nights....I know I'm pretty boring. This is so fun and hardly anyone knows about this great little place or better yet they probably have better plans for a friday night :O, but I think it's spectacular! You get really great stuff for a for almost nothing. I picked up an Amish armoire/hutch for only 25 dollars, yes I said only 25 dollars!! What a BARGAIN!! Its going in my little studio....what a great find!!

I also picked up a ton of old sheet music (about thigh high) from the 50's for just 5 dollars. I always find fun stuff!! My husband knows I will not come home empty handed :) Well I will post soon but for now have a great day!


Mystele said...

Ok...where in the world are you in IL? I live in Crystal Lake. If you're anywhere close to me, I wanna go to this auction and the flea markets you go to. What incredible finds!

I love your work, by the way! Your imagination is charmed!

Sam I Am said...

$25 ?????????? THATS IT??????? HOly MOly!!! I wanna come with you when you go to antoher auction!!!! wow!!!!!
its beautiful!!! :)

Jackie said...

Yes, I know I cant believe I picked it up for that :) The auction is in Barrington.....look up Sugar River Auctions and see the auction before you go! Great stuff! Im having a show in Crystal Lake, come by and see me.
Check it out, should be

Take care, Jackie

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, i just posted bunny on my blog..thank you..let me know when you get yours!! lucky you with the great deals!! hmmmm... maybe i need to come visit!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

OOOooooh! I am hopping over to see what you made right now! I know it will be wonderful!!!!