Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My flea market finds....what a day!

What a weekend! Our schedules were filled to the brim, but I still found the chance to escape the flea market that comes once a month in our town. I get lost in the treasures some made and most from a different era. I love it all. My husband even bought our anniversary present there with a little nudge....gotta love my man! It's a side table with a vintage window into the door, great craftsmenship. I will add treasures in and on it....quickly I hope~
I also picked some things up for my artwork, so these treasures will be going to other homes. Vintage door harware and some costume jewelry, and even a chicken coop door that even our dog had to check out. This will be for an upcoming show. I will post more when I get all the details.....but I can tell you I'm very excited and nervous.

These old wooden shoe forms just made me laugh, they look like clown shoes, I just had to have them! For 9 dollars I thought I got a bargain.
As we walked the fairgrounds it started to rain and we drudged from tent to tent in the rain and mud. Then the storm broke and the sky revealed awesome billowy clouds behind a brillant blue clear sky...no grey in sight.

It was as if my goodies were happy to end their journey at our home....haha! It was a great day at the flea market.
Lastly, I added two more patriotic figures to the collection. I am currently working on pieces for the upcoming show, so I will post my dollies as I get closer to the show.

Enjoy your week and I will post soon, God Bless! Jackie


Pfatt Group said...

My O My. that elephant is just so great!!!! I love it and the gal there.Sweet!!! Still working on getting the candy container together for you plu PFATT market is doing Haloween this month so I have to finish those things as well. You sure found some fun stuff. I love the old door knog plates. I just know you will make something fancy with those!!!! Talk to ya real soon. Always your friend, Mica http://garboodles.typepad.com/

Genevieve Olsen said...

Hello Jackie!Welcome to blogland. You are going to have so much fun and meet so many great people!Jenny over at the Polka-dot Pixie mentioned your new blog, so I had to come over and say Hi!I will check back soon and see how you are doing and I will add you to my faves so others may find you as well.

Colleen said...

Jackie...love your door hardware. Can't wait to see what they become in your art. Have fun!

Tootie said...

How cute are these little guys! Very nice!

Sam I Am said...

Hi Jackie!!
Love your 'finds'...specially loving the hardware..how neat!!!! Im drooling :)
Yes..lets exchange blogs!!!! I'll go add yours right now :)
Thanks sweets..

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Nice little jollie dollies!