Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New things are coming....

Hello Everyone,

My art show was this past weekend and I met great people and other fantastic artists. It was a grand experience.
For the past year I have done mainly internet sales and have had my creations at a local boutique which has kept me very busy. So this was my first experience meeting my customers and enjoying this creative environment with other artists. It was FANTASTIC! I loved it, just having the long conversations, people coming and liking my work was overwhelming. I had a wide range of people from small kids to even grown men smiling at my pieces. That made me very happy and very inspired. I have always been a closet artist, not signing my pieces and just sorta standing in the corner and if someone asks shyly saying "yes, I did that". I hope all my work brings a smile and this has made me sorta spring forward and keep creating. Family and friends have always sorta pushed, but this I have to say was very heartwarming. Thanks to all that came and supported this adventure :)

So I have been filling orders and have a large order going to the store, but Glitter and Grunge is approaching fast so here is a sneak peek of what I will be putting on for the month of August.
My Bathing Beauties are just waiting to bask in the sun. Each one is made from paperclay and stands an impressive 17 iches tall. Their colors very from black and red to red and navy. Each one carries a flag made from vintage stamps or a glittered sign that reads Miss Summer. Sorry the picture lacks detail, they are kinda large. If interested I can send a close up, just email me. I will be posting more soon!
For now enjoy the week and thanks again for your continued support :) Ohh, I also wanted to add I went on a new blog that was so terrific. She has a store too with great quirky things, so check it out. Its worth the eye candy!! Its called Red Shoes here is the link. Take care!

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Mica Garbarino said...

So hey how did it all go???? Hope you did well. I love your bathing beauties!!! Very sweet indeed.

Hey I am having a Vintage Kitchen Sap. stop by and join up...hee hee..


Sam I Am said...

love your beauties.. how fun!!!
and..thanks alot for posting the link to the red shoes.. mannnnnn.. i could spend all day there.. now i'll never get any work done!!! lol

Diane Duda said...

So glad your art show went well. Your bathing beauties are, well, beautiful. :)

I love Red Shoes, too. Especially the fairy doors.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh my goodness Jacki!!! Wonderful wonderful!!!! Love them!!!!! I am so glad your show went well! You deserve tons of recognition for your tremendous talent :-)