Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh My...Where has the time gone~

I can't believe its been over a month since my last post. The time has flown by.

What a busy season, as I am sure its crazy for most of us~ Well in our house we have been very busy with Christmas lists, school programs, party going as we celebrate the season with friends and family and trying to get our house ready for family to join us at our home. I think I have been slowly decorating the house since after Thanksgiving. I love it though!! Every year I tell my husband I'm missing a few boxes and we don't find them until we are putting away the decorations...ugh!! Maybe next year~ Christmas always warms my heart as I see it through my kids eyes. Many memories and lots a laughs. This year my 2 year old calls reindeers, "reincows" hahaha! One day at lunch we were watching a program when the commerical came on for one of those jewelry stores and she turns to me and says, "Mommy, you need diamonds!" A girl after my own heart, but then she followed up with, "I need them too" girl too! I whispered in her ear, "tell daddy". Love those moments! This year was a also a new tradition for us, we did a theme tree. We decided to put our tree in our basement which is pretty rustic, I love our basement, its cozy to me and we spend most of out time there. Most of our ornaments were homemade, we put the tree in an old wash bin and went for more of a natural look. Lots of pine cones, nests, copper leaves, hand carved Santas....oh my these were my favorite, what a talent!! Ya know, I have to add whimsy and I had mice holding leaves, these fellas are cute~ A twig star and wooden sleds. I bought handmade glass ornaments with vintage buttons and lace...these are beautiful and when the light hits them they twinkle. We also made reindeer ornaments with finger prints from the kids, this was so much fun. Their pinky fingers are so little~ I think this will be our tree next year and we will add pictures with twig frames each year. I hope you all had fun decorating your trees too~
I hope you enjoyed our tree. May you all be blessed this season and remember to share the story of our Savior. God Bless.

I could ramble all day, so please forgive the splurge....I have been tagged by a sweet friend Elaine from Artful-Spirit.
So I will tell you five random things about me.....

1. I'm a big dork~ and admit it. I love silly things and being a kid with my kids. I enjoy the ages they are at and know that things will be changing all too soon :( Cant we all have the spirit of our little ones~

2. I have a passion for photography. I love seeing all sorts of images. Even though I am soooo bad at taking pictures, my dream is to face my challenge and take a photography class and learn this wondrous craft! When I have the time.....hahah

3. I took seven years of German in high school and in college and don't remember any of it.....I know that is BAD~
It is not true its like riding a bike, you will remember how......I can count that is IT!! If I am listening I can a understand a bit, but can't have a conversation back with you! UGH!!

4. I love to decorate and will change things in my house all the time. My husband runs when I have a new idea....
I read magazines and clip things out and save them in a folder....I admit I'm on my second folder. Plus I don't throw any of my magazines studio has mounds. I have a whole big chest filled with my archives. I know I have to stop, but I am picky I only like a few publications. heehee

5. I am extremely hard on myself. More probably insecurities then obsession, but I hope in time I can let things go.
I know I ended on a downer, but I am trying to be positive and admit my downfalls.
This has been great. I will end it with me, since everyone is soooo busy at this time I wont tag anyone. Have a wonderful holiday season and stay warm. Donate coats to ones who need it and spread the word !! I leave you with a picture of my daughter all bundled up!! Take care....


Elaine Thomas said...

Oh! what a wonderful picture!! Happy Holidays and Thanks Again for my goodies!! Elaine

Sam I Am said...

Merrrrrrry CHristmas!!!!!!

Holiday Queen said...

Happy New Year Jackie! LOVE all your new creations on Glitter+Grunge!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I just stopped by G and G and saw your newest offerings--Wonderful!! The elephant is adorable and the other two are equally as fun.
Happy New Year~

Lori said...

Jackie, your daughter is just beautiful...those eyes!!!

your tree looks darling...i hope you are having a wonderful new year:)