Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walking through another artists shoes!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't blogged sooner. My husband has moved his business , which he was at the same location for over 17 years. It was a tremendous task and I didn't see much of him for last three weeks. So daily tasks with the kids and the house have been a bit chaotic. I have had a few custom orders to complete, so the house needed a good cleaning......and no the cleaning fairies didn't come, darn! So things are slowly getting back to order.

Over the weekend we emptied my aunt's storage building.....whoa was it hot! My uncle, dad, husband and myself trucked downtown Chicago and went to a storage building my aunt had been paying on for over 20 years :O

She had not been down there and told us to get rid of everything. So not knowing what we had in store, we went down their with two trucks, a van and a car. Oh my Oh my......I think...no, I know, I was the only one that thought what was in there was great. It was filled with art books, pictures she drew and just a history of her life I did not know. She never talked about her love of the arts. She was an amazing artist~ truly gifted. I did receive her amazing talent as gifts when each of my kids turned one she drew unbelievable portraits of each of them. I am so in awe of these and will treasure these pictures forever. The storage building was filled with ads she had designed for Marshall Fields, sketch books of doodles and portraits....these are my favorites as I have a ton of doodle books of my own. She was a doll collector and maker too. I wouldn't have known she was a doll maker, but during the move one of the dolls broke. As I was picking up the pieces, I saw her name engraved into the porcelain. I think my mouth dropped in admiration. The detail her dolls had were just captivating. An art I don't know well, but I will appreciate now forever~ I wont ramble too much, but at the end of the day I was in tears. To see her life as a phenomenal artist, I am just grateful to use some of her things. I brought home some art books, an art table and many drawings that I will cherish. I also have a few dolls that she made and have a new appreciation for the art. I think she will be happy to know that it will be preserved and carried on. If I can be a tenth of her talent then I will be blessed. She is a great artist and I am grateful to have her in my life!!

To another great artist, my friend Mica from Garboodles is hosting a Vintage Kitchen Swap.....I wasn't quite sure about this with all that is happening at my house, but I decided to join. My swap partner is great and her blog is just fantastic. Go check her out at http://faeriewindow.blogspot.com/. Lori is super nice and I can't wait to send out her goodies!!

Lastly, another month has flown by and Glitter and Grunge will update tomorrow. Check it out and see the wonderful works of these amazing women. I have attached a piece I will be adding for the month of August. Its a new birthday line. Its customized pieces for any ages. And yes, we should celebrate every year, no matter what age!! The two I am posting is one for a new baby boy, with airplanes, stars and clouds which his little banner reads, "A Star is Born" and a sweet giraffe on wheels with a number one on it. Each can be customized and is a special keepsake. So on this birthday note, tomorrow I will be celebrating my oldest baby's birthday. It brings me to tears as he is growing up so fast. My baby is not my little baby anymore, but I do remind him he is still my baby~ So I will end this post with a wish, may your day be filled with joy and may your year be one of celebration!! Take care!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New things are coming....

Hello Everyone,

My art show was this past weekend and I met great people and other fantastic artists. It was a grand experience.
For the past year I have done mainly internet sales and have had my creations at a local boutique which has kept me very busy. So this was my first experience meeting my customers and enjoying this creative environment with other artists. It was FANTASTIC! I loved it, just having the long conversations, people coming and liking my work was overwhelming. I had a wide range of people from small kids to even grown men smiling at my pieces. That made me very happy and very inspired. I have always been a closet artist, not signing my pieces and just sorta standing in the corner and if someone asks shyly saying "yes, I did that". I hope all my work brings a smile and this has made me sorta spring forward and keep creating. Family and friends have always sorta pushed, but this I have to say was very heartwarming. Thanks to all that came and supported this adventure :)

So I have been filling orders and have a large order going to the store, but Glitter and Grunge is approaching fast so here is a sneak peek of what I will be putting on for the month of August.
My Bathing Beauties are just waiting to bask in the sun. Each one is made from paperclay and stands an impressive 17 iches tall. Their colors very from black and red to red and navy. Each one carries a flag made from vintage stamps or a glittered sign that reads Miss Summer. Sorry the picture lacks detail, they are kinda large. If interested I can send a close up, just email me. I will be posting more soon!
For now enjoy the week and thanks again for your continued support :) Ohh, I also wanted to add I went on a new blog that was so terrific. She has a store too with great quirky things, so check it out. Its worth the eye candy!! Its called Red Shoes here is the link. http://redshoesllc.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Take care!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Surprise!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I received a special surprise from artist friend Mica from Garboodles.

Maybe you noticed......my new beautiful banner for my blog. Thank you, thank you.....I love it~

Go visit her blog http://www.garboodles.typepad.com/ as you will see even her blog is a work of art. I love to go there and get inspired!

So I have been busy as a bee.......I have an art fair this weekend and have been creating my little heart out. My son counted my pieces because they have taken over the dining room. I told my husband I wasnt going to give myself a number to get to, because I would probably not attain that goal. Well, I was pleasantly surprised I have over 70 pieces. So my booth will not be bare :) My husband has been helping me with my booth presentation, so he has been a BIG help too. I will post after the show, so wish me luck and have a great weekend!! BUZZZZ.....

Monday, July 9, 2007

WOW! I have great news!!

Happy Monday! Its a hot and sticky one here, so I am staying cool inside. Yesterday was start of a wonderful auction for a family that lost their daughter. You can read more details on the auction and their story. http://www.angelsforbrianna.blogspot.com/ A lot of amazing artists donated artwork for the family. As of yesterday there over 6 thousand dollars raised....great golly that is wonderful!! That moves me to tears and really says there is a lot of giving people out in this world. The piece above is what I donated. Its an angel holding a bluebird and the container reads, "Soar My Angel". Please visit the auction and give what you can. Its going to a great cause and the family has been touched from all the response. Thank you if you already have donated or bid.

I also received my bunny swap goodies from Debra. I was lucky to have her as a swap partner. I love all the goodies she sent. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! That was my first swap and I had so much fun!!

Lastly, I am going to be away from my computer. I am preparing for an art fair in two weeks. I am very nervous. I have been working for a couple of months but I feel a rush of pressure these last two weeks :( Any tips or advice would be great....I will try to post updates and progress, I have a lot of new pieces and will share them soon! You can visit the website and check out all the artists. http://www.fiberandfolk.com/

Ohh one more thought.......a nice lady had emailed me and asked if I was being "mean" to myself with my name...FAT JAK Originals. So I thought I would share the meaning of my name. I am a stay at home mom of three great kids. Jake, Alexis and Kate......so that is where the JAK came from....and just feeling blessed for having God's grace and allowing me to have three great kids....so that is where FAT came from be blessed with my children and family. So there you have it....if you were interested :)

Take care and blessings to all!!