Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Portrait and MANY THANKS!!!!!

Thanks so much who have written and wished me well. I am doing better and still trying to cope with the pain.
Everyday gets better and I hope to be back to my wacky self soon....thanks again for all the support.
My blog family is amazing!! Your emails have helped tremendously!! There are no words to express my gratitude.
Many thanks even though just saying thank you doesn't seem like it's enough.... :)
My kids make me laugh and we are enjoying the Halloween season......Here is a portrait of our family! I hope you enjoy it :)

Every year we make pumpkin people and each year the kids get into it more and more. I love the shapes of gourds and the colors are just glorious!!

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys Halloween and be safe. Over the weekend we did go to a festive Halloween party and of course we dressed up.....here are the kids walking to the door. I love shots like this. Yes, I have two little chicks and our son is a headless horsemen....he didn't want to be a chick. I guess being nine, he didn't want to please his mama. He has a great costume though!! Yes, my husband and I dressed for the occasion too, he was a farmer and I was the mama chick....unfortunately we didn't get pics of us....maybe tomorrow. Again thanks for all your support.I will be out of town next week for an art show.....we've been debating on going or cancelling and we decided to just go, even if I don't have much product. I thought it would be inspirational and uplifting. So if you are in the neighborhood come on by and say hi!
The show is called, "From Our Hands" and its in Columbus Ohio. They have a few workshops and it should be a fun weekend....check out the website for more info http://www.fromourhands.com/ I will post soon, for now be well and take care!! smiles :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Need to refuel....I'll be back~

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for being a bad blog lady. Time flies. I have been undergoing some health issues and it has put me a bit behind.

I need a good refueling. Hopefully everything will settle soon, but for now I need to step back and recharge. Please say a prayer for my heeling. I wont go into too much details, but I have extreme chest pain and all the blood work and xrays came back normal...which is great, but still doenst explain the pain. So they think I might have shingles. So I am hoping with the some rest and taking some time off I will be back to my crazy self soon :) I have three up coming fall/winter shows....so I will either be cancelling or just bring the creations I have already completed.

I will leave you with a pics of some fall pieces. Im off on my broom to hopefully feeling better~Blessings to all~ Enjoy the colors of the season!