Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catching Snow Flakes & Happy New Year!!

Wow...it flew by! Ever year Christmas comes quicker and quicker. We had a fun time visiting with friends and family, but it just feels like we are frantically trying to do it all in two days! Ever year I say next will be different, but then it repeats itself again. To watch our kids enjoy Christmas was just awesome. We do exchange gifts and some relatives go over aboard....I will not mention any names Grandma (oops!!) but we also want our kids to know the real meaning of Christmas. It was so awesome to see our littlest daughter so proud of her gift, she gave it to me and said, "I love you mommy" She colored a baby Jesus and wrapped it up. This was just an image on a piece of paper, but to hear her tell the story, just brought tears to my eyes! I will treasure it always. I just love seeing it through their eyes, its magical. She even held a candle at out candle light service at church and she just thought she was big stuff. So even though it went so fast the moments that are the most meaningful will always be in my heart. My kids did play in the snow before it flew out of here too, but it was so pretty and it was neat to see all the blankets of white around our house....it's great to enjoy this wonderous season even if it's a bit cold! Here is my middle daughter catching snowflakes!

I hope you all enjoy this season and have a safe and wonderful New Year!! ***Cheers***I will be posting some new goodies soon, I am so excited for some "love in the air" to fly in and spread all the gushy stuff, or as my hubby says the hallmark holiday! Well.... I love it, the only thing I agree with him on is that everyday you should show some love, but it is good to have a special day to do something even MORE special for that most important person or people in your life...hugs and kisses!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Are you ready....I'm NOT!!

Ok....are you ready??? I am not! I still have lots of wrapping to do, a few gifts to get....baking to bake....oh my!!! I just popped in to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys the season. Thanks so much for supporting handmade artists and my snip-it of the art world. Many of you have sent warm winter wishes and I am so grateful to call you my friends! Look for some new goodies coming soon and maybe a even a surprise!! Off to cross some things off my list...and I hope all of you have been good this year ;) xoxo jackie

P.S. Just incase you are still decorating and need a lovely handmade ornament by an amazing duo husband and wife artist team....check out Cart Before the Horse's blog. They are giving away a great folk art ornament and the winner would be lucky to have such a keepsake! You won't have it to hang on your tree this year, but you won't be disappointed! Peace to all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh My...I've been away too long!

Hello....have you ever taken a vacation and need a vacation when you come back? Our family went away for Thanksgiving and I am just now able to sit down at my computer desk. We had such a great time, but I feeling overwhelmed ever since I have come back to town.... it;s like I am spinning in circles. Between two art shows, 1 home show, a gallery opening and the kids holiday practices we have been going non stop....oh my!! Plus throw in Christmas decorating...shopping and trying to get to all the holiday parties. The holidays are approaching soooo super fast this year....I can't get a handle on it...yes I need lots of help or maybe just some yummy hot chocolate cuz its also way to cold here...brrr!
Speaking of which I will pass on a super yummy recipe for those who love hot chocolate but dont like all the yucky stuff in it. This is a clean recipe....its very good and can be enjoyed by all!!
Mint Infused Hot Chocolate
1 mint green tea bag (you can choose decaf or regular, I use decaf)
1/4 cup boiling water
3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp light or amber organic agave nectar
Sprig of mint for garnish (optional)
For an extra treat you can add soy whipped cream :)
Enjoy and stay warm too!

We had a wonderful time traveling I even got my own special treat. I met a very special lady on the way out to Colorado. We swapped art and I am a very lucky girl to have an amazing piece and was able to chat for a while too....before we knew it, we had to go but talking was so fun and the 2 hours felt like 2 minutes. Thanks Laurie for a wonderful piece that I will cherish for many years to come. I hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving. Laurie from Monkey Cats Studio is a terrific artist and you should put her art on your Christmas wish list....you will be collecting for years. Her art is timeless and her ability to bring the little fellas to life with such wonderment just puts a smile on my face. Ever time I walk by my guy I just giggle!! Be sure to check her out.....speaking of art we do debut more pieces on Spooky Time Jingles in just a few days, so take a peek on the 13th. It's free shipping too! Buying handmade is so great and supports us artists. Here is my treasure....
Colorado always makes me appreciate the earth around us. The mountains are just so breathtaking. We took hikes almost everyday and were doing things outdoors almost the whole trip. I did venture indoors and try something new.....hot yoga! Whoo-hoo! It was so hot 120 degrees in the room....but your muscles were so warm and I just feel in love with it. Then at the end the teacher comes around an hands you a ice cold washcloth infused with lavendar and lemon...so invigorating! I highly recommend it. A definite stress reliever if your feeling the holiday stress bug!!!

The whole family went back to our favorite spot...the ZOO! It's a zoo that's in the side of a mountain, a bit small, but so neat. The kids and I love it. They even have a ski/chair lift that takes you up the mountain overlooking the zoo and the view is breathtaking. It's called the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado Springs...check it out if you are in the neighborhood. You can feed the giraffes and they come very close!!! We loved that...here is us having fun with the long neck creatures...
I hope Santa is reading this in his busy schedule and knows mommy needs a better camera to take better pictures...haha! Just had to put that in there ;) We had a great time with friends and it was a needed vacation for our family...plus gas was cheap...thank goodness! Even though I had to take work with me, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Kristen from Kristen Beason Designs for the blog award...your very sweet. She is another artist I have on my Christmas wish list. Her art is wonderful!!
Well, looks like I jammed packed this post like all the other holiday craziness in my house....I hope you enjoyed our adventures! I will post an update before the 13th for Spooky Time Jingles. Stay warm and give to those who are in need this holiday season!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles...naughty or nice we're listing twice!!

Oh my goodness, with all the requests the wonderfully talented Dani from Ambitions Designs decided to list two times in December for SpookyTime Jingles. How great is that.....you can buy early for that special someone or pick up something just for you...which we all need to do every once in awhile...don't we? So get ready, we will list on Dec. 1 and December 13th. I better get busy, I have been working on some new pieces which I have been having so much fun with...come back and see.....

Monday, November 17, 2008

An award for me.....

Hi there,
This weekend was very productive and a bit chaotic at times. I decided to move my studio in the basement. What a task, plus give my girls back their own rooms. They liked being together, but I had the toughest time keeping it clean because they fought and said the other made the mess. So, I did it and separated them, so hopefully no more excuses and clean rooms. I was very torn because I always wanted a sister to share a room with, I thought my girls would love it. Yeah right, plus I know it will never be clean...but a mother can always hope, right?! So, I gave up my light airy room for the dark basement, but don't all parents sacrifice.....I have a vision of my dream studio and maybe someday I will have it :)

So, I received a wonderful award from the amazing Laurie from Monkey Cats Studio. She is an amazing artist and genuinely nice person. So the award is called a Miss Antoinette Award and I have to give it to others....which I am so bad at sooooo, I thought I would just send all the readers a hearty thank you for your inspiration and may all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families......and give back this year. Go help a family in need, donate canned goods to a shelter or pass out meals at a shelter...just give back!!! We all need it and we need others......I promise you if you do that then you will get the award inside your heart.....it's an amazing feeling to give back :)

Secondly, this month Spooky Time Jingles is giving back too. Proceeds of sales for some of the participating artists are giving to a Foundation of one of own members. Our family is matching plus 10 percent will be donated in your name if you purchase one of my pieces. So take a look and buy handmade for someone this year for the holidays and give back too :)

Have a safe and scrumptious Thanksgiving. We are traveling to Colorado to share the holiday with friends. I am even signed up to do a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning with my friend. Its just a 7k but it will help burn off the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie that I can NOT pass up! Enjoy....Jackie

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Pieces for Spooky Time Jingles....

Thanks to all who sent me wishes on my loss. Your kind words meant a lot! Even though it was sad we as a family celebrated his life. We shared stories, photos and many laughs through the tears. Thanks again and your warmth was felt :)

So, during this time I seemed to create and create...it sorta ooozed out of me . I finished with the first batch of Christmas. I have a gallery show coming in December I am preparing for and the store I carrying in gets lots of new items. I love this time of year. I had a small show over the weekend and I sold a few pieces to my early buyers. I am also excited about my new pieces for SPOOKY TIME JINGLES. The new pieces will be available from all of the artists on the 13th....but here is a peek at mine. If your interested let me know. These little fellas are created on top of 3 vintage toy blocks. I just love old toys and when I can use them in my art....well it makes me smile! Lastly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I know as a family we made it extra special because of the week we had. We had family in and we trick or treated with them...so it was kinda neat having the cousins around. Here is a shot of a little critter getting his own treat...enjoy!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'll be away for a wee bit....

I am taking a break for bit. Our family is grieving the loss of my sweet grandfather who lost his battle with prostate cancer yesterday. We had the gift of being able to say goodbye before he passed and I know he is not suffering anymore. We will be having family coming from out of state and I will be spending time with family. Pardon my absence during this time. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Take care~jackie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Witch's computer broke.....heheheh!!

Hi Everyone....
Thanks to all who commented on my last post. I know, I said I would pick the name the next day, but our silly computer didn't work...or maybe it was a spell!! Well, the nice computer man broke the spell and I finally have internet service after not having it for three whole days...what will a witch do. When I finally logged on today, there were more entries so I let them into the witches hat for a chance at the little pumpkin fella. The lucky winner was TAMMY!! Congrats! I had so much fun jumping to party to party...many of you amazed me with your elaborate stories, amazing pictures...and of course all those yummy treats!! Thanks Vanessa for hosting such a great idea! Well, this witch is flying off for the night...I hope you have a spooktacular evening!! Jackie

Friday, October 17, 2008

My special treat for the party!

Ok...I was too excited and I have a jammed packed schedule of games tomorrow, so I thought I would post my special treat for tomorrows Halloween Blog Party! Such a great idea and I just couldn't pass up a great party :) I am giving a sweet little Halloween pumpkin away. Just leave me a comment and I'll throw your name into my witches hat!! I will gather all the names and the lucky winner will be notified by me. YIPPEEEEE!!! Ok.....there is my treat. Next, I wanted to tell you about a tradition we do in our home every year. I love the little pumpkins and gourds. All the shapes and colors just make happy!! Every year our family goes on a hunt for just the right one to make our perfect family portrait.....
We paint faces and put party hats on each of us. We use toothpicks for arms and spikey hair. We have also used glitter, buttons and pom poms...what ever you like. My kids enjoy this as much as carving out the pumkins. Lastly, I wanted to share my favorite handmade Halloween costume...we try to make our costumes every year and this one from Martha Stewart's Magazine just melted my heart.....here is my little chick. Gather a few white feathered boas, yellow tights and gloves and sew a red thingy on a white pilots hat (I don't know what hat is called on a chicken?? oh my!) and WHOLA...you have the cutest darn chick costume ever!!! She looks like a mad little chick...but really she loved all the feathers and she was quite warm in all her layers....a perfect costume for a cold halloween night of trick or treating!!I hope you enjoyed all my tricks and treats. Have fun noodling around all the other party goers..thanks for stopping by mine! And a special thank you for the host A FANICIFUL TWIST for putting together such a great holiday party!! Enjoy ~jackie

A Halloween Party...Yippee!!

Hello friends.....
Tomorrow is a spooktacular day.... A Fanciful Twist is hosting a blog Halloween party.
Everyone is invited. Go over and check her blog out for details....Visit me tomorrow for a special treat! Have a wonderful night ~jackie

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles is almost here.....plus some goodies!

Hi Everyone,
I promised a lighter post, but I just have to say thank you for all who commented on artistic integrity. The subject seems to be untouched, but as an artist I look at my own art as an expression of myself. So, I hope others will do the same and not copy from other artists. I will end on that...plus it's bad karma for ya...just don't do it.
We've had a wonderful weekend at the soccer and baseball fields. Here in the midwest we have had unseasonable warm weather this weekend....we have been in the 80's all weekend. I'll take it...I am usually at the the kids games in layers and getting rained on this time of year, so this weekend has been absolutely wonderful. Here is a piece I did over the summer that reminded me of today. The warmth of the sun makes me smile :)We're about to go eat Sunday dinner with my in laws, so I thought I'd post a few pictures. Spooky Time Jingles October goodies will post tonight at midnight...Here is a picture of just my Halloween goodie....She is a large piece that I had fun creating. She has a wire cage as a dress. She is trying to gather all the pumpkins she can.....thus her name is, the pumpkin keeper. My favorite part of her is her orange mary janes and striped tights. I might have to go buy me a pair. Both my girls have orange mary janes and I just love them....this time of year is my favorite.
My next goodie is one I never expected. My friend, Michelle from BlackBerry Briar and I decided to swap. I am one lucky girl to have not just one, but TWO originals from her. She is an amazing artist and I am truly the lucky one to call her friend. The first piece I actually picked out the first time I went to her lovely home. It's a whimsical birdie that matches my bathroom and I just smile when I see her....

Here is a close up her sweet face....the details are just amazing.....thanks Michelle I love her!!
The next piece was sooooo unexpected. Michelle had picked one of my witches and so we decided to do another swap......I just love what I received. I can't say enough about her. The way Michelle captures the essence of old timeless dolls is just unbelievable. She is just exquisite!! She will be left out all year around. Thank you, thank you, Michelle. I know we will probably swap again....I am so happy to have an artist friend that challenges me and keeps my on my toes.

Here is one of the pieces I made for her. Since Michelle likes the look of yesteryear and angels I decided to make her an 18th century looking piece.....She stands over 2 feet tall and has a wooden dress I made out of old wood slats....
I hope Michelle likes her pieces as much as I love mine!! I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday evening and go check out Spooky Time Jingles tomorrow or if you stay up late tonight at 12:01. I can't wait to see all the other artists offerings...they simply are some of the best artists out there. Even though we do Halloween all year long...remember if you want to get that great piece for this year's spooky holiday, you better get it fast...Halloween is just 19 days away....yippee!!!I'll be back soon :) jackie

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Giveaway pictures....shhh!!!

Hi Everyone,
Just popped in to post a couple of pictures of the winner's giveaway treat.
The winner was Dawn from the FEATHERED NEST. She was so sweet and she requested a birdie in neutrals. It was so fun to make and I added a little something because of her style.....
I hope she enjoys it...she should have it today :) So shhhh.....if she hasn't received it yet, I hope she likes it!

So I have been busy busy busy.....life in our house is never a dull moment. I have a couple of sneak peeks for Spooky Time Jingles coming soon......

Ok....on a serious note. I had a couple of friends bring to my attention that certain artists are copying my work. I have been through all of the emotions, but then a friend mention that I read this blog....it was so helpful and encouraging. It's the post from Friday. Ullabenulla is lovely artist and she approaches the subject of Artistic Integrity. It was very moving and inspiring as an artist. I know when I sculpt....let's say a snowman, I know I am not the first to do a a snowman....but I put my own style and vision through that piece I am creating. It amazes me people out there will copy you down to the last detail...even the price you are selling your artwork at.....very frustrating!!! I don't know how they can sleep at night. So, if you are reading my blog as you are copying my artwork, I hope you look into the mirror and question your intentions. You should be creating out of your own style......not for a quick buck. Be strong....and if your not meant to be an artist, then go on to something else. I know, I get inspired by other artists, but I am not copying and then trying to sell under my name. I am flattered that people like my art, but its not flattery when you out right steal. I have struggled with this and even thought of throwing in the towel. Then, I think....why I started is why I come back to....I love being creative. I love doing projects with my kids, decorating my house and sculpting things out of bars of clay....its my playdoh as my kids would say. Yes, I get inspired by woodworking artists and fabric artists...but I sculpt out of clay. I love whimisical things and add fun junk to my artwork.....I have always said I am a student of the arts. Always learning my craft....but to go on the internet and steal someones art and then sell as your own...is just plain WRONG!!! So go and be creative and maybe it will set you free..... then to steal someones artwork. Thank you all for have read this and thought I came out of left field with this, but artistic integrity means a lot to me. I was so glad Ullabenulla had the courage to bring this subject up.....I guess I was fired up after I read that it happened to her too! I know my friends that are reading this will agree and hopefully we can ban together and speak loud and tell the MEAN people out there to stop!! Ok, I am done being on my soapbox. I know its a sour subject and I come to my blog and blogland to laugh, smile, appreciate art and artists and to relate....because I know as an artist not everyone thinks we are "normal"...but this subject hit me hard and I wanted to share and get my frustrations out. I hope you don't mind....I promise my next post will be lighter :) Take Care.... Jackie

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wow...can you believe it's October!

I can't believe it's October already, where did the time go. In the spirit of fall I changed my banner too......I love this time of year. It seems like yesterday was the first day of school. I have been working and be bombarded with ideas floating in my head but don't have time to sit down and create...do you ever get that way? I have to stop doing Halloween and go to Christmas, but I have so many ideas spiraling into my sketch book...what shall a girl to do...lol! I have also been noodling on Etsy. I love that site! I am hooked on kids hats, I purchased two this week. One arrived today! It's absolutely adorable. The seller shop is called That Funky Boutique. I also have finished a pair of jeans, yes...more things I create. This idea was not mine though.....this is a pattern I got from That Funky Boutique...I love her things you must check her out!!

Here is a peek of the ones I just finished......
We had so much taking pictures.....I love my daughter's mary janes. These jeans are greens, browns and blues....I love this color combinations. Well that's it for now....I'm doing orange ones for my other daughter. Hopefully I will have some clay projects to show you soon, I am almost done with my giveaway piece, I will snap a few pics of that for ya. Take care and have fun creating!! Jackie

Friday, September 26, 2008

and the winner is.....

drum roll please.....before I say who the winner is, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.... THANK YOU!!!! All of your messages were so thoughtful and saying prayers for my family, well I was overwhelmed. Thank you doesn't seem like enough and I wish I could give all of you a little treasure, but since there is just one little me I can only do one for now. I will have more giveaways, because this was just so much fun and I am deeply touched that you liked my art :)

So.....the lucky winner is: THE FEATHERED NEST I will leave you a comment on your blog and let the fun begin. I also have three new pieces going to my Etsy Shoppe. I was so excited.... I just had to post the winner first. So, I am off to add these guys in my shoppe. Here's a peek!! Thanks again for all who enter and touched my heart with your sweet comments. I hope you stop by again!! Have a lovely night, Jackie

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted. So much has happened. I finally am able to sit down and post. You see my computer is/was in my cozy little basement we finished about a year ago. Well, last weekend we had flooding in our town. It hadn't seen this much water in over 100 years. Our basement was completed washed away. We still are getting things thrown out and trying to save some things....but when something like this happens you can't get attached to "things". My husband and I worked as quickly as we could but most of the kids toys and other things in out store room was lost. So....we have started demo and are still drying out :( Thank you, for all who have emailed us and checked in our family, it truly means a lot!!

So.....I am having a giveaway!!! I have thought a lot about this and don't know what to giveaway.....so I thought of an idea. I will have three things to choose from. You can pick ONE. Then, I custom make this piece for you. Yes, you read this right. It will be customized just for you. You choose the piece you want and the colors...everything! Why you ask am I doing this....well, it's purely out of appreciation! I love going to everyone's blog and many of you I call friends. It been a great place to share silly stories..ask for advice and get inspired in this lovely blogland full of such great eye candy for the soul!! Many of you are always here when I need a friend, so a simple thanks is just not enough. So, that is why I am doing this giveaway.....but wait there is more. If you mention this on your blog your name will go into the drawing 5 more times!! I hope you enjoy this and thank you from the bottom of my heart!! So here are the offerings I hope you like them!
This little fella is in my Etsy shoppe....he will be sculpted on a vintage block. I have a "P" for pumpkin or "C" for cat. You get to choose...yippeee!!! Next is a little Ellie Candy Container.
Again, you will be able to choose the colors for this keepsake! And finally....you can choose a fall birdie! These little guys are so fun with their acorn hats! They just make me smile.
Ok.....that's it! So...enter your name and it goes into the hat I will draw the name in one week...next Friday and then the fun begins! I hope enjoy the offerings. If you have any questions just let me know. Have a wonderful weekend! Take care, Jackie

Monday, September 8, 2008

Meeting Friends.....

Hi Everyone,
This weekend flew by....we spent most of it at the ball park and soccer fields.
With fall quickly approaching, I get slammed with all those crazy fall sport schedules. I quickly become the oraganizer of who gets dropped off at this field and who is picked up where...and of course throw in snacks, water and the right color uniform....esshh!! I do love it though and the older they get it gets more exciting!! I also pack tons of things to do for my littlest who is dragged through it all...but I know she not far behind them. I do bring stuff for me too, I can't bring clay or paint, but I bring wires to be twisted for armature....I love to knit too and its easy to knit and watch at the same time...so I do feel like I'm getting things done. It must be the artist nature or just always having to do things all the time...I can't ever sit still. Plus, it makes me less nervous watching the kids...even at this age it's almost nail biting!!

So my weekend started off so great....I had two artists over to my house. Jenn from Noodle and Noodle Lou and Michelle from the The BlackBerry Briar. Both true talents and I adore their work immensely!! We each have kids and thought it would be a nice little play date...even for us grown up gals too! Jenn just moved here and both Michelle and I were so excited to have her so close to us. Michelle and I meet a few months ago and just clicked....she is so sweet and we relate having kids and this art thing going on. So, we decided to meet in the morning because we all have kids in school too and had to be back in time to catch them off the bus. I was on a creative high....just to relate to another mom/artist was sooo great. We chatted about marketing our art and the balancing act of raising a family too. We kept chatting and chatting and it was like we were little kids again so excited to be telling story after story!! We gave each other little goodies...which how GREAT is that....so unexpected too!! So the time flew by and before we knew it it was time to pick up our little ones from school. I had so much fun...it truly was great food, great friends and a GREAT time!! So, go check them out and if you don't have their art yet.....get a piece you won't be disappointed!! I can't wait until our next gathering!!

Spooky Time Jingles months offering are coming on September 13th and I have been trying to finish up a few pieces....here is one finished piece. I hope you enjoy!! He is a lil elephant with a pumpkin on his trunk......no peanuts for him!! He loves his pumpkin treats.Last little note.....next post I will be having a giveaway. I believe I have 50 blog posts...oh my!! Take care....jackie

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles peek.....

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all your kind words from my last post. I am forging ahead and taking your advice. Soon, I will be creating in a quiet house, counting the minutes until I pick up my kids...and then having to be the referee 10 minutes after they come home... a day in the life of a sahm!! So with all this change happening I'll just share a photo I took when my littlest went to her first day of preschool...it melted my heart She was soooo brave and walked right into her classroom, turned around and said "bye mom" I was strong for her and then I peeked in her classroom a bit after she walked away. So, the first day was a success....I know she will love her new classmates and all the fun things the will do. We even got are first of many art projects on our refrigerator. Can you tell I am a proud momma? Thanks again for the moms who are bit ahead of me, your advice is greatly appreciated!

So...it's that time again... Spooky Time Jingles will be offering new goodies for the month of September. Click on the new avatar at the top to go to the site....pieces will be available on the 13th, I can't wait!! I'm like a kid in a candy store...such phenomenal artists!!! Here is one of the pieces...if you rembember I snapped a pic just of her legs in an earlier post......say hello to bat girl. She has a tart pan as her dress. I love home made Halloween costumes. So, that is where I got my inspiration from....tell me what you think?
I am hoping to take some better pics....it was a bit overcast today. So don't think your advice was all for nothing. I know it's not the greatest pic....I am trying!!! So I hope you like her...she makes me smile. It will be hard to part with her...do you ever get that way about your art? So I am on a roll with homemade costume kids. I have a few more sketched out...so hopefully they will make it to clay. So before I go, here is a shot of my girls last year at halloween....I made their costumes...hence the inspiration I guess :o) I was even one too....my hubby was the farmer. (get it...farmer with his chicks...i thought it was funny). My son would NOT be a chicken (who can blame him). If you look at the picture you can see he is the headless horseman...it was a cool costume! So, at least I got to have fun with my girls. I know it won't last so I will relish in it now...I hope you get a good laugh.....

Yes.....we have already started planning our costumes for this year......happy creating everyone!!
Talk to you soon~jackie

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lots of starts....

Well, this was the start of a new school year. So many emotions for me. I was excited that my two older ones wouldn't be fighting ever 10 minutes. They get along most of the time, but summers are tough when they are with each other all the time... I am surprised I have any hair left. My youngest starts preschool next Tuesday, so this week was getting to know the teacher and having to get her suppiles for this new endeavor. I'm sad that all my babies are growing up too fast. My middle daughter started 1st grade and going to school all day for the first time.....scary! It's like you throw them out there and just hope they will be ok. I know its tough, but when I was standing by her in line with all her peers......she just looked so small and innocent and I know how kids will be and tease and be mean...it just breaks my heart. I know, I'm here when they come home and can't be with them all the time, but it's rough. I know, I know some of you are thinking.....cut the cord, girl. I am very proud of my crew, but it's too many firsts for this mom to handle. So sorry for laying it all out and not talking about more excited art stuff. So more.....
My oldest started his last first day of elementry school. I remember dropping him off in kindergarten and can't believe the years have flown by....so darn quickly. Now, with the blink of the eye, he is the big dog of the school, but next year he will start junior high...even MORE scary for me to think about...ugh!!!!! So, with all these starts.....I do have some of my own art stuff happening too. Which is kinda good, so I don't dwell on my kidos and just weep some more. I accepted an offer from a store on the east coast. She sent me pictures of her shop and I was just thrilled, but scared all at the same time. I get so nervous shipping my products and not being able to go to the shoppe and see her new items and peek at mine....all so scary for me!! I know, I must forge ahead and try to get my art seen by others...hopefully putting a smile on their faces too :) So, today as I sit by the computer and ponder all these things...in silence mind you, my house is very VERY quiet, I am very excited, sad, nervous...all of these crazy emotions, but the fall is coming and I welcome it with open arms. I will embrace it and try not to cry that much.....thanks for listening. I do have some new pieces for the sites I participate on.....so here is a tid bit of what's coming, I hope you enjoy! Check back soon for some fall goodies!!!Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!! Goodbye summer, my legs will miss you terribly!

Hugs, Jackie

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello Friends....

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for all you advice on my picture taking. I am taking it all in, writing a ton of notes...so I don't forget and hopefully they will work for my next month's offerings. So thanks again for all the great tips. See, I secretly knew not all artists are NOT MEAN...and will offer their advice to help their fellow artists. So thanks a BUNCH it means a lot!!!!

I feel very humbled Kim Hardt gave me a blog award...I love going to see her creations...she always has they most detailed gang of new delights....eye candy for sure. Hop on over to her blog and check them out!! Thanks Kim, you are a sweetie!!

On to more eye candy, if you hop on over to Soft in the Head's blog She is having an amazing giveaway....yes GIVE-A-WAY!! Stop by and see them....you wont be sorry! Here is a is just one of her giveaways....ohh I want her :) Love, love the polka dots!!

Hurry...what are you still reading my blog for go and enter her giveaway. The winner will be pulled September 1st. Good luck! I will be having a fall giveaway too. I'm close to my 50th blog post. So I have started something special the occasion. Take care and I will be back soon :o)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Tools....and a sneek peek...I know again!

Hello Everyone,
I have been tagged by the lovely Kim Hardt. I am supposed to tell you what tools I use in my artwork. Well, I love gadgets.....gadgets for my kitchen, gadgets for my garden, gadgets for everything and having them for my art is no exception. Here is a picture of just a few.

I have a old fashion thingy...I don't know the proper name, but I know it's pretty old. My aunt used to have a bunch of tools and when I came across this one, I fell in love. It's the silver one on the right. Inside the top (the wide bulky part) is about 9 bits. You put it into the top and then when you give it force...good ol' elbow power, it digs a hole into the wood. I love it, I use it on almost ever piece I make, because I use dowels to start my figures out. Then, I have needle nose pliers...the mini ones. I love mine, they're pink, plus my husband will never use um'(so that means they won't get lost). Next, I have huge dog nail clippers....I know kinda strange, but they cut dowels easily and smoothly. I don't use these on my dog, he has his own pair, but sometimes you find something because you can't find what you usually use and use it. This worked and it worked WELL!! Next, I have toothpicks...I use them a ton, I buy them at the dollar store....1500 for a buck!! Nice tool, for paint...small details and adding glue!! Lastly, I have only one hand in the picture...I just couldn't find the other one. Just kidding, the other one is holding the complicated tool that I don't like....my camera.! UGGH!! I think my hands are my best tool.....I smooth and smooth with my fingers and I just love getting them dirty!! Thanks Kim for inviting me to play...this was fun. I hope you enjoyed my tools. Here's a sneek peek of what I have been working on with all my fancy tools.....lol!! Enjoy your day :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A little help and a sneak peak!

Have you ever been so frustrated you wanted to pack it all in? I'm having problems taking pictures of my art. I simply CAN NOT do it. I have tried and tried...and I think it's becoming worse. I go to other blogs and many of you have such wonderful pictures. I get so inspired, but mine never turn out :( So any helpful tips (even tell me what camera you have) I would welcome, PLEASE :)
Just some info: I have a Canon Power Shot S3 IS....I think it's too much for me and what I need, but then I don't know. I don't know camera's or computers....ughh.... when your trying to sell your art those are two things you can't be bad at! Sorry for the negativity and souriness....I would just like to get better. So I will forge ahead and any help...send my way! Thanks a bunch~I should add...if you have ever given me advice before.... I did listen, I even wrote it down so I wouldn't forget....but I'm just a seriously bad picture taker...uggh again!

So in that area I will share what I'm talking about...here is a sneek peek.
The first piece will be listed on the new site I have been telling you about with awesome artists, Spooky Time Jingles. I have three Halloween pieces and 4 Christmas pieces that will debut in 2 days on the 13th. There 's doorprizes and free shippng...come on by and support handmade. Here is one of my offerings.....this little guy is a part of a Halloween Box....he was so fun to make!Boo.......did he scare you? He makes me laugh....

Next is a piece I just added to my Etsy Shoppe.....click the red shoes on the side of my blog to see more....

Here is scaredy cat and she is so sweet...I just love her facial expression. Wish you could see her detail a bit better...maybe you can help me in the photography area........please! Have a great day everyone. Talk to you soon, Jackie

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun in the Mud!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post. My husband and I did a buddy race over the weekend and we had a blast.
It's a 7 mile course with running and biking in trails and lots of MUD...then at the finish line you have to dig...like army crawl through the mud pit to cross the finish line. It was so much fun, I can't wait till next year to do it again. Here's a peek of us....of course I had more mud on me then my husband.....it was so much fun and just hilarious. You could even wear a costume....there was a husband and wife team that was "Thing #1 & 2" from Dr. Suess that was my favorite. Enjoy the pic.....get a good laugh and if you want to do it with your buddy check out the site. It's all over the country so it's bound to be close to ya!

Check back soon...almost time for Spooky Time Jingles and I have some holiday goodies almost finished. My debut will be the 13th, I'm sooo excited to be apart of this great site. Take care, Jackie

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Annoucement!!

This weekend has flown by. Still painting, we are finishing up with the small details. Shutters, eves, and window trim. That seems to be taking the longest. I will snap a few pictures when we are finished. I won't bore with anymore house stuff......I do have a big annoucement to make!
So, on to the more exciting news....I have joined a group of artists. I am so thrilled to be apart of such great talent. The group is called Spooky Time Jingle. The slogan is so cute..."where spooky and sweet commingle". It's Halloween and Christmas one of a kinds for your home and the all year round collector.....which I am! I love both of those seasons and I think its a grand idea to do all year long. Dani from Ambition Designs is the founder and she has done an amazing job on the site. The site will have new art every 13th of the month. I will be debuting on August 13th and I am soooo excited. They also have a blog. Check it out and I invite you to join me next month and see all the great offerings from everyone.

Well that's it for now...I have a special swap I'm working on and of course the giveaway is coming...check back soon!! Enjoy the day! jackie

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two posts in one week...WOW!!

Hi Everyone,
I know two posts in one week....that's big for me.
We are in our cool basement....its in the nineties here and its muggy outside.
Trying to stay cool and relax. Well for a little bit. We are repainting our house.....I shouldn't say we. My husband is doing most of the work. I am the beverage girl, sandwich maker...suntan lotion girl and all around fetch it girl. Today we are almost 1/2 done. We went with a new color....are house was white and we went with a olive green with cream trim and black shutters....kind of a shocker I hope it turns out ok. I think it will be ok, the color is bold but lovely. We have an old house...not too old (i secretly want to have an old cottage style home) Ours is like the 70's trac homes. This is the last update we are doing before we put it on the market. I know, I know...bad timing , but since we like the area we are not in a hurry and want to stay around here...just a want a different style home. So that is what we are doing this week....no rain in the forecast just hot and sticky. So since I'm not making sandwiches right now I'm blogging :) whoooo!!

So I was reflecting on my last post...sorry for no pictures of the awesome chocolate cherry after workout protein smoothie...next time I won't forget to take a picture.

Today after my workout I made a 3 egg white omelet....its just not your plain jane omelet.

*3 Egg Omelet*
- 3 egg whites
-hand full of fresh spinach
-grape or cherry tomatoes halved
-1/2 yellow pepper diced
- 2 cloves of diced garlic...less if you want
-1 tbsp of grapeseed oil
- cracked pepper to taste

In a skillet...I prefer cast iron, add oil and heat over low/med heat.
I use grapeseed oil for the high heat factor......it wont burn or change the benefits of the oil.
Toss in spinach and then I like to wait a minute....I usually start chopping then.
Add garlic, yellow pepper and tomatoes.
Saute down and add pepper.....then whisk egg whites and add to skillet.
Scramble up and enjoy....I add a bit more pepper to the end.

A close up of the goodness....mmm
The yellow pepper adds a crunch and the benefits of yellow peppers are great. Did you know a yellow pepper has 365% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C....I know it packs a punch! An orange only has 93%. Since your body doesn't store Vitamin C its safe to get a up to 25 times the daily value (75mg) each day! I know...I have tons a facts like this.....I love reading up on nutrition and how our bodies use what we put in it :) Food for thought I guess....
Thanks for letting me spill this out as I sign off....I'm heading back outside to check on my husband and paint more trim. I know this wasn't too exciting, but I still have an announcement coming....and I also saw that I'm close to my 50th post. So that means more exciting news... I'm definitely doing a give away. Check back soon, take and enjoy the day! Bye Jackie

Monday, July 14, 2008

Inspired by friends...a true gift!

Hi Everyone....
I hope everyones Fourth went out like a bang.....sorry I just had to do it..HAHA.

We spent ours with friends and saw an awesome firework show. While the show was going on I even leaned over to my husband and said this never gets old...does it for any of you? I still feel like a kid sitting on a blanket in awww of the booms and colors...simply breathtaking. I also ran in the early morning hours....so I started the 4th with my own little bang. This was my first race since I was injuried in the winter...and it felt wonderful. It was just a 4 mile race. I even place 6th in my age group...whooo...my goal was just to not walk and I never imagined I would place in my age group. Since my injury I have changed my lifestyle...I should say my whole family's. We have begun working out and eating "clean". It feels amazing...plus I have lost 30 pounds. Great incentive and lots of fun to go shopping again! So if your interested in great recipes, go to Clean Eating...its a magazine I picked up at Walmart. It's a branch off from a womens fitness magazine called Oxygen...two great publications and lots of inspiration. I know if I can do it with three little ones anyone can. Here's one of my favorite after workout drinks....

Dark Chocolate Cherry Protein Shake:
- 1 Scoop of Chocolate Protein powder ( I use Fit&Fiber35)
- 1/2 cup of frozen dark sweet cherries
- 1 banana
- 1/2 cup of rice milk
- few ice cubes...if desired....mix in a blender and enjoy! So tasty and good for you!
Especially if your chocoholic like me...mmmmm!

This recipe was concocted by Michelle...from BlackBerryBriar with a twist by me.
With my love of chocolate and the sweetness from the dark cherries it's like having chocolate covered cherry ice cream...minus all the bad stuff!

I know I'm rambling, but I had such a great visit with a friend. It was so nice to connect with someone that understands. We are both moms, and have a passion for art, but struggle with all the everyday up and downs of raising a family and trying to continue our passion or even feel creative. Ya know when you even get a chance to get out in blogland and see all the other awesome blogs and amazing talents...sometimes its hard. Especially when maybe your things are not selling.... or your feeling like your stuff stinks. Well, my awesome and talented friend Michelle from Blackberry Briar even bluntly put out on her blog to just "quit". It's funny because we have chatted on the phone and I have leaned on her many times and expressed giving up and packing up my studio for good. I have also expressed this to another good friend Elaine from Artiful Spirit. Which to my surprise every artist goes through this...even the best of them. I will say I know this sounds bad, but when you admire these artists and when they say thay have the same thoughts.....well that makes you feel "normal". As normal as an artist can feel...haha! I am lucky enough to call these gals friends and I feel grateful to have them in my corner. So in this journey if you popped over to Michelle's blog she mentioned a book I recommended to her...It's so great and uplifting. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. A short read...but this book packs a punch!! Great words for any artist...someone that feels the pressure or sorta "writers block". Here is tiny bit of what is worth picking up this book....

"The most pernicious aspect of procrastionation is that it can become a habit. We don't just put off our lives today; we put them off till our deathbed.
Never forget: This moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance.
This second, we can sit down and do our work."

I truly think each and everyone of has a gift from God....we MUST use it and not be led by Resistance. This journey is hard, but I hope I can walk through it gracefully or at least stumble among great company and be lifted by you...my artist friends!! A special thanks to Michelle for your kind words...you truly made my day, Tink :) Thanks for letting me ramble...you know, somethings you just have to type out...and get off your chest :)

I promise my next post will be a bit more joyful....I have a surprise...I'm very excited to share with you. Stay tuned and take care till next time, Jackie

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday!
Take care....enjoy the day :)