Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!!

Happy Leap Day.....

An extra day of winter in my neck of the words.....but dreaming of spring!!

I have new bunnies, take a peek...
These guys will be over at Glitter and Grunge tomorrow....along with my bunny boxes.I am struggling with my pictures....tried all day with different light even a light box. This is a real challenge for me.....I should be more frank..."I stink at picture taking...ugh!!" So this is the best and I know its crummy.....

So does everyone know why we celebrate Leap Day?? I actually didn't.

Brief History of Leap Day
In ancient Rome, leap day was on February 24 due to February being the last month of the calendar. The original Roman calendar added an extra month every few years to maintain the correct seasonal changes. The Julian calendar was implemented in 45 BCE, resulting in a leap day being added to the end of February every four years. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII refined the Julian calendar with a new rule that a century year is not a leap year unless it is evenly divisible by 400. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar was observed in some countries including Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. The conversion took longer for other countries such as Great Britain (1752) and Lithuania (1915).

How fun, huh! Well... Happy Birthday to all you Leapers......Have a great day!!! Jackie

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bunnies are coming.....

Hello Friends,

As more snow has blanketed us and yet more to come tonight....I'm wishing of spring. I have a few bunnies that I'm slowly working on. I even started doing things a bit differently because of my injury. I now sit on a chair and have all my work station at eye I don't strain my neck...ugh! I am staying positive, but I admit its driving me crazy :O I can only do a bit at a its a very slow process. This is not a pity party so I will quickly change the subject....

Ohh....I do want to mention thank you a bunch...for your support and means A LOT!!

I am reading a few books....another thing to help me be still and heal my injury, but I'm not mentioning that...oh my. So back to my great. This book resonated with me and I think everyone should take a peek at it.....I won't give too much away, but you will have a different outlook on life and your conscious thought choices. I'm talking so much about this book, my husband keeps saying, "are ya done"....he wants to read it with all my babblin' So if you have a chance go grab a copy :)

So as I was fumbling through pictures and I found more I will bounce them in here and give you a sneak peek on whats to come on Friday. My new pieces will be up on Glitter and Grunge. I will post them here too....I'm not as fast a bunny, more like a check back on Friday!

This sweet fella is coming out of a polka dotted hat. He is just as ready for spring as I am!!!

These sweet bunny boxes are ready to be filled with yummy chocolates!!!!!
So I hope you have a hoppin day and check back tomorrow....for more to bounce in and celebrate spring!!! Take Care...Jackie

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moon man......and therapy...yikes!!

Did you see the moon during the week. The kids were so excited, we watched as the shadow appeared. What a neat night to watch the lunar eclipse. My husband took pictures....but they were a bit blurry. We are both bad picture people...I know you know that from my side because my pictures are always icky, such a challenge for me. So if you missed it check out Sam I Am's Blog....she takes amazing photos and has one of the moon. So great!! Here is my moon man....he simply holds a star and reads,..."If you Believe".

So thanks for all your support and I wish I was on the moon weightless and maybe pain free. I have been going through some lumps lately. I have two herniated discs in my neck and some degenerative bone loss in my neck. So, I am going to physical therapy...because I'm too scared of surgery...yikes!! Sitting straight up and standing relieves my sitting writing to you all relieves the pain. Laying down and sleeping are the if I ramble, it's because of pure family has been a huge support and I love you all for your amazing help. I "do believe" I will get better. Reading blogs and having such great friends is a blessing....thank you all!! I am laughing through my tears :) Stay safe and enjoy the day!! Jackie

Monday, February 18, 2008

A cup of inspiration please!

Hello Friends,
New art and some needed inspiration. I love quotes, words and collage. So, I decided to do a big dollie and add quotes. Well this challenge lifted me up when I needed lifting up! Little did I know....The dollie is very tall almost 18 inches tall. She has copper wings and buttons down her back. Her hands spoke to me the most and I feel she stands tall with grace. There is a small vintage skelton key on her chest. This represents so much...and the words are just what I needed!

I know my photo is hard to read so I will leave you with the quotes....."In every single moment there is significance. Wonder is sprinkled all around us" Flavia

"Believe in Yourself"

"People will love you for your honesty within your soul"

"Live Joyfully"

Thanks for letting me share. I am doing Easter goodies and hope to post soon! I hope you have a wonderful evening......take care and be inspired! Jackie

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winner.....And a HUGE Thank You too!!

Well, I wanted to start this entry by saying I had so much fun! I had to start writing down the blogs I want to go back and visit...otherwise my family wouldn't of seen mom for a few days! The talent and generousity was so overwhelming and I was honored to be part of such a great giveaway.
SO I will get down to daughter had fun punching out the circles....if I would have had a heart punch I would of been more festive. We numbered all the circles so it would be fair. She shuffled and shuffled and with bit of encouragement she finally picked one. Then I counted down my list of comments. The winner of my giveaway (#10) was none only the host of the giveaway Lisa S. Congrats Congrats!!! I hope you enjoy the love dolllie and I hope you come back for a visit. It was pleasure meeting you and it was a GREAT giveaway!!!
So, if you came and entered the blog...thank you...thank you!! All the comments were so sweet and the art blog world is simply amazing and I'm feeling the love!! Thanks again and I plan on having more giveaways...I caught the love bug! Have a wonderful night! Come back and visit again. Hugs....Jackie

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Will You be My Valentine!!

Five days until Valentine's...4 days until I pull the name for the drawing! I am sooo excited.

I have had so much fun going to other blogs. I can sit here for hours and noodle around. I must be productive so I had to push myself away from the computer. I did manage to create one more Valentine goody. This little lady's cost is 65.00 and that includes her love expenses to you! So if you haven't hopped on my love train....details are in the post below to win my love dollie. Have fun and you too will be addicted to all the great participates and their blogs.

Have a great weekend everyone!! jackie
spread the love!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

One World - One Heart Giveaway....Hoorah!!

Yes...I am posting twice in one day. I just couldn't wait until tomorrow. I had the chance to noodle around in blogland and ironically I was inspired by Noodle and Lou's blog. She is having a giveaway (go stop by). This giveaway is a chance to see others in blogland and meet new people. Plus, see the creativity of others...well I'm in and just love the concept. Here is my's a sweet little candy container box. She is holding a sweet little red heart and has been antiqued for a vintage look. Her box reads, "I love you" and LOVE LOVE LOVE down the front. Can you tell I am very exciting about this and....I feel the love. I hope you participate or just feel the love from all the artists that are participating. Thanks Jenn, I am so glad I stopped by tonight. So here's the details.....leave a comment (make sure to add a link or email, so I can get back intouch with you)...and on the 13th, I'll draw a name and send this sweet little package to the winner. If you want to participate or find other giveaways click here. Have a wonderful night!!

Need some color.....winter fun!!

Today has been blanketed us with more snow. I had to shovel twice yesterday just to keep up.....and more to come this weekend. We have been playing in the snowmen yet (hopefully soon). We have gone sledding and a few attempted forts. I was out numbered on building a snowman. Plus, my son said, "Mom....the snow isnt good packing snow".....ugh what does poor ol' mom know. We did make angels and went down the slide of our play ground....that seemed to be the highlight and hours of going up the ladder and down the super fast slide. Here is the gang with a few big kids racing the little ones down the hill! WHooOO!!! WhhhOOOOOOooooooo!!! Sledding is fun except for next day when muscles you didn't even know you had are least for poor ol' Mom.....

So as my eyes were blinded of white....I kept envisioning I rearranged the flowers from our daughters birthday that her daddy gave her. I put them in this vintage dollie. I love color, sometimes afraid of color....but splashes make me smile~

Yes....I have these whimisical dollies, some sort of creamer set. I love the charm and they make me happy. I have never seen a set like these, so if you have any clue where these ladies are from, let me know. I hope they make you smile too!

My bed is usually layered in white.....yes, I guess I'm afraid of color again, but I love the crispness of white on a bed. Yeah, yeah I know an another excuse....I'm actually stumped on what color to do in my bedroom. I think my bed throws me for a loop. My husband says he is ready to paint when I can decide a color......gee thanks hon~ I do get bored with just white, so here is my attempt to add color.....a ray of sunshine on my bed. The heart pillow was made from a friend. She uses recycled wool sweaters and embellishes them with vintage sweet and a nice touch for Valentine's Day!!

Lastly, as I am wishing my middle daughter a great BIG happy 6th birthday!! I can't believe she is six, not a baby anymore. Even though I tell her she will always be my baby, she asked me politely, "Mom, can you not call me baby anymore?" I had to look at the ceiling to stop from welling up....sniffle sniffile. I can't believe the time goes by so quickly. She requested a new dollie for her trying to hide and work on it at the same time was a bit challenging, but I did surprise her. She is my little monkey and always here was what I made for my little girl...enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings......stay warm. Many blessings and say a pray for the families in the south who have lost their homes to the tornadoes~ Take care and until next time.....

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day.....

Hello Friends.....
February has come in with over a foot of snow. My son and I have been shoveling all morning.....too cold for the girls, but we are going to build a snowman later. We have two puppies, we call our other children with four feet. One is huge, he weighs over 160 pounds and is full of love. He loves the snow, we have to drag him in sometimes. Our other four legged child is a 22 pound shih tzu.
He my friends doesnt like the cold.....snow....rain...or even the wind! I will let you get your own laughs. Finn and Chomper are inseparatable, but when weather is involved Finn says....see ya, I'll stay inside! Well, I am off again to shovel and build a snowman! The last picture is of my son helping his mom shovel the driveway. My husband would be proud.......that stinker didn't have a snow day, so he didn't help us.

Enjoy the day....I will post pictures of our snow fellas later....stay warm......brrrrrrrrrrr!!!