Thursday, February 7, 2008

Need some color.....winter fun!!

Today has been blanketed us with more snow. I had to shovel twice yesterday just to keep up.....and more to come this weekend. We have been playing in the snowmen yet (hopefully soon). We have gone sledding and a few attempted forts. I was out numbered on building a snowman. Plus, my son said, "Mom....the snow isnt good packing snow".....ugh what does poor ol' mom know. We did make angels and went down the slide of our play ground....that seemed to be the highlight and hours of going up the ladder and down the super fast slide. Here is the gang with a few big kids racing the little ones down the hill! WHooOO!!! WhhhOOOOOOooooooo!!! Sledding is fun except for next day when muscles you didn't even know you had are least for poor ol' Mom.....

So as my eyes were blinded of white....I kept envisioning I rearranged the flowers from our daughters birthday that her daddy gave her. I put them in this vintage dollie. I love color, sometimes afraid of color....but splashes make me smile~

Yes....I have these whimisical dollies, some sort of creamer set. I love the charm and they make me happy. I have never seen a set like these, so if you have any clue where these ladies are from, let me know. I hope they make you smile too!

My bed is usually layered in white.....yes, I guess I'm afraid of color again, but I love the crispness of white on a bed. Yeah, yeah I know an another excuse....I'm actually stumped on what color to do in my bedroom. I think my bed throws me for a loop. My husband says he is ready to paint when I can decide a color......gee thanks hon~ I do get bored with just white, so here is my attempt to add color.....a ray of sunshine on my bed. The heart pillow was made from a friend. She uses recycled wool sweaters and embellishes them with vintage sweet and a nice touch for Valentine's Day!!

Lastly, as I am wishing my middle daughter a great BIG happy 6th birthday!! I can't believe she is six, not a baby anymore. Even though I tell her she will always be my baby, she asked me politely, "Mom, can you not call me baby anymore?" I had to look at the ceiling to stop from welling up....sniffle sniffile. I can't believe the time goes by so quickly. She requested a new dollie for her trying to hide and work on it at the same time was a bit challenging, but I did surprise her. She is my little monkey and always here was what I made for my little girl...enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings......stay warm. Many blessings and say a pray for the families in the south who have lost their homes to the tornadoes~ Take care and until next time.....


Victorian Lady said...

Sweet monkey..what a treasure that will be for her when she really does grow up. I have a 6 yr old too, just remember it's not over yet! :)


Michelle said...

Your Monkey is just sooo adorable Jackie!!

You know how I feel about those dollies already! Vision Board bound!

Great talking to you today.


Elaine Thomas said...

This is a sweet little monkey.