Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day.....

Hello Friends.....
February has come in with over a foot of snow. My son and I have been shoveling all morning.....too cold for the girls, but we are going to build a snowman later. We have two puppies, we call our other children with four feet. One is huge, he weighs over 160 pounds and is full of love. He loves the snow, we have to drag him in sometimes. Our other four legged child is a 22 pound shih tzu.
He my friends doesnt like the cold.....snow....rain...or even the wind! I will let you get your own laughs. Finn and Chomper are inseparatable, but when weather is involved Finn says....see ya, I'll stay inside! Well, I am off again to shovel and build a snowman! The last picture is of my son helping his mom shovel the driveway. My husband would be proud.......that stinker didn't have a snow day, so he didn't help us.

Enjoy the day....I will post pictures of our snow fellas later....stay warm......brrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Michelle said...

We were doing the same thing yesterday....So funny....and your dogs remind me so much of our doggies!! Same size difference and temperments!!


Jenn said...

oh my gosh that what I'm in for!?! It snowed here today but didn't even stick to the ground! I love your cute doggies so much. xoxo...jenn

Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Jackie, Your 4 legged children are too cute and what a sweetheart of a son you have that helps Mom with the shoveling.

Well, it looks like we're in for more snow. Don't tell Finn! ;)

Oh, and don't tell Jenn either or she might change her mind about moving out here.

See ya,

Jackie said...

Yeah Jenn, we have been dumped on again since that post and more to come this weekend.....ugh!! You will it....the kids have so much fun, were going sledding after school....yippee!!