Monday, June 30, 2008

Dog Days of Summer and Down By the Creek...

Our doggy Chomper.....sitting pretty for a picture
Hi Everyone....
I know its been awhile. Summer is always jammed packed. We seem to be on the go....
I haven't been on the computer lately, so I thought I would steal a chance to leave a note.

We have had family in and had a weekend wedding to attend in Apple River, Illinois. We seemed to be flying by the seats of our pants. Can you believe its July tomorrow. Oh My!! I wish I can lay around like our doggies.....

Here is our puppy Finn at Millenium Park, Chicago
We visited with family that came in and we had a blast!!
Here is our baby dancing in the water!

We had so much fun with all of our family and going to see our friends exhange vows...but I am glad to have a week to recover. Until next weekend.....any big plans for the 4th? We always get together with friends and go see "the booms" as the kids call them. A true essence of summer!! I love it.

So during the dog days of summer the kids always like to go exploring....we had a great adventure day down by the creek. Most of these days are not planned and its fun going with the flow of what the kids want to do.....most of the time its stuff like this. With having two girls and a it's never a dull moment. Here are the boys catching you think we caught any??
Yes, we did!! This was my youngest daughters first experience seeing a frog up close......she would rather see them like this.....
.....but the boys...they love this stuff. Here is my son up close and personal with one of the critters. ***DISCLAIMER***no animals were injuried during the photo opt :) they were caught and released into their natural habitats :)
Even though at the end of the day we were covered in mud we had a is my daughter looking for more froggies
She is actually holding river rocks she collected during the course of the day....mommy tip, if you choose to have fun down at the creek. Take the rocks out of your car......we left them in the car overnight and the next day the car smelled like lake...kinda icky! was a critter we spotted watching us frolic in his home....he was very gracious and didn't come any closer....the kids would of seen mommy run away. I get kinda scared around these rodents....eeek!! So sorry I haven't been around much lately.....things to explore and lots of fun to have!! Summer always seems to fly by. I hope everyone has a safe holiday! Check out Glitter and Grunge tomorrow. New updates and I can't wait to see all the artists goodies! Here's a sneak peek of mine. Happy 4th everyone...take care~

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Kim Hardt Originals said...

Great pictures Jackie! Thanks for sharing. I love your new G&G piece also!!

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy 4th of July week!!