Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two posts in one week...WOW!!

Hi Everyone,
I know two posts in one week....that's big for me.
We are in our cool basement....its in the nineties here and its muggy outside.
Trying to stay cool and relax. Well for a little bit. We are repainting our house.....I shouldn't say we. My husband is doing most of the work. I am the beverage girl, sandwich maker...suntan lotion girl and all around fetch it girl. Today we are almost 1/2 done. We went with a new color....are house was white and we went with a olive green with cream trim and black shutters....kind of a shocker I hope it turns out ok. I think it will be ok, the color is bold but lovely. We have an old house...not too old (i secretly want to have an old cottage style home) Ours is like the 70's trac homes. This is the last update we are doing before we put it on the market. I know, I know...bad timing , but since we like the area we are not in a hurry and want to stay around here...just a want a different style home. So that is what we are doing this rain in the forecast just hot and sticky. So since I'm not making sandwiches right now I'm blogging :) whoooo!!

So I was reflecting on my last post...sorry for no pictures of the awesome chocolate cherry after workout protein time I won't forget to take a picture.

Today after my workout I made a 3 egg white omelet....its just not your plain jane omelet.

*3 Egg Omelet*
- 3 egg whites
-hand full of fresh spinach
-grape or cherry tomatoes halved
-1/2 yellow pepper diced
- 2 cloves of diced garlic...less if you want
-1 tbsp of grapeseed oil
- cracked pepper to taste

In a skillet...I prefer cast iron, add oil and heat over low/med heat.
I use grapeseed oil for the high heat wont burn or change the benefits of the oil.
Toss in spinach and then I like to wait a minute....I usually start chopping then.
Add garlic, yellow pepper and tomatoes.
Saute down and add pepper.....then whisk egg whites and add to skillet.
Scramble up and enjoy....I add a bit more pepper to the end.

A close up of the goodness....mmm
The yellow pepper adds a crunch and the benefits of yellow peppers are great. Did you know a yellow pepper has 365% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C....I know it packs a punch! An orange only has 93%. Since your body doesn't store Vitamin C its safe to get a up to 25 times the daily value (75mg) each day! I know...I have tons a facts like this.....I love reading up on nutrition and how our bodies use what we put in it :) Food for thought I guess....
Thanks for letting me spill this out as I sign off....I'm heading back outside to check on my husband and paint more trim. I know this wasn't too exciting, but I still have an announcement coming....and I also saw that I'm close to my 50th post. So that means more exciting news... I'm definitely doing a give away. Check back soon, take and enjoy the day! Bye Jackie

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Michelle said...

YUMMY!!! That omlette looks good!!!

Hope you are well.