Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun in the Mud!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post. My husband and I did a buddy race over the weekend and we had a blast.
It's a 7 mile course with running and biking in trails and lots of MUD...then at the finish line you have to army crawl through the mud pit to cross the finish line. It was so much fun, I can't wait till next year to do it again. Here's a peek of us....of course I had more mud on me then my was so much fun and just hilarious. You could even wear a costume....there was a husband and wife team that was "Thing #1 & 2" from Dr. Suess that was my favorite. Enjoy the pic.....get a good laugh and if you want to do it with your buddy check out the site. It's all over the country so it's bound to be close to ya!

Check back soon...almost time for Spooky Time Jingles and I have some holiday goodies almost finished. My debut will be the 13th, I'm sooo excited to be apart of this great site. Take care, Jackie


Melissa Fischer said...

That is great- how fun that must have been! I use to run and then I had kids- that kind of slowed me down!! I have been thinking of getting back out there again! Loved your picture!

Jackie said...

Thanks, Melissa.....that was me too. I have three kids and have slowly come back to it. I love it! Now if I don't get my run in...Im crabby :( take care, Jackie

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Oh How funnY! I can see the mud! What fun though! If my knee wasn't all messed up I would be there in a second! What a fun thing to do with your hubby! I can't even get mine to walk with me!

Go STJ! I can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, Thanks for the visit to my blog today. I have been here to visit before but this is my first comment. Good Luck on STJ! Your work is wonderful!

~dani~ said... excited!!! You rock Jackie!!! So, nice to talk to you tonite & soooo happy to have you join STJ's!!!

Melissa said...

How fun! Bet you felt like a kid again covered in all that mud. Look forward to your STJ debut.

Patty Benedict said...

Jackie...What a fun run!! You have inspired me to run with my hubby! You look great in MUD!! LOL!
Have a fun creative week!
Bugs & Hisses

Sam I Am said...

How exciting that both of you did this together!!!! You look like you had a BLAST!! And look at how cute you are all covered in mud..hehehehehe!!!!
HOW FUN!!!!!!