Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello Friends....

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for all you advice on my picture taking. I am taking it all in, writing a ton of I don't forget and hopefully they will work for my next month's offerings. So thanks again for all the great tips. See, I secretly knew not all artists are NOT MEAN...and will offer their advice to help their fellow artists. So thanks a BUNCH it means a lot!!!!

I feel very humbled Kim Hardt gave me a blog award...I love going to see her creations...she always has they most detailed gang of new delights....eye candy for sure. Hop on over to her blog and check them out!! Thanks Kim, you are a sweetie!!

On to more eye candy, if you hop on over to Soft in the Head's blog She is having an amazing giveaway....yes GIVE-A-WAY!! Stop by and see wont be sorry! Here is a is just one of her giveaways....ohh I want her :) Love, love the polka dots!!

Hurry...what are you still reading my blog for go and enter her giveaway. The winner will be pulled September 1st. Good luck! I will be having a fall giveaway too. I'm close to my 50th blog post. So I have started something special the occasion. Take care and I will be back soon :o)



janell berryman artist-owner said...

Just added you to my blog :) Thanks for stopping by! And yes, please do add me to you blog list. Thanks!!!

Debbie Egizio said...

Congratulations on the award!! ;)Hope you're having a wonderful summer! Take care, Deb

Jenn said...

Hi Jackie!! Yay for your blog award:):):) Hope you have a fun long weekend!! Let me know anytime you want to get will be so fun to meet:):)