Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Tools....and a sneek peek...I know again!

Hello Everyone,
I have been tagged by the lovely Kim Hardt. I am supposed to tell you what tools I use in my artwork. Well, I love gadgets.....gadgets for my kitchen, gadgets for my garden, gadgets for everything and having them for my art is no exception. Here is a picture of just a few.

I have a old fashion thingy...I don't know the proper name, but I know it's pretty old. My aunt used to have a bunch of tools and when I came across this one, I fell in love. It's the silver one on the right. Inside the top (the wide bulky part) is about 9 bits. You put it into the top and then when you give it force...good ol' elbow power, it digs a hole into the wood. I love it, I use it on almost ever piece I make, because I use dowels to start my figures out. Then, I have needle nose pliers...the mini ones. I love mine, they're pink, plus my husband will never use um'(so that means they won't get lost). Next, I have huge dog nail clippers....I know kinda strange, but they cut dowels easily and smoothly. I don't use these on my dog, he has his own pair, but sometimes you find something because you can't find what you usually use and use it. This worked and it worked WELL!! Next, I have toothpicks...I use them a ton, I buy them at the dollar store....1500 for a buck!! Nice tool, for paint...small details and adding glue!! Lastly, I have only one hand in the picture...I just couldn't find the other one. Just kidding, the other one is holding the complicated tool that I don't like....my camera.! UGGH!! I think my hands are my best tool.....I smooth and smooth with my fingers and I just love getting them dirty!! Thanks Kim for inviting me to play...this was fun. I hope you enjoyed my tools. Here's a sneek peek of what I have been working on with all my fancy tools.....lol!! Enjoy your day :)


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Jackie, Glad you played! I love to see what everyone else uses. I love the idea of the silver thing. That sounds really neat. Something I might like to use. I use dowels alot too. I always get a funny cut every time with my plyers. The dog nails cutters sounds perfect. Hey what ever works. I am a tooth pick girl myself. Can't be in the studio with out them.

I love the sneek peek of the new piece. Do I see a tart tin. Love it.

By the way your pictures look great I think.

Thanks again for playing. Kim

Lori said...

Jackie, i love your new pieces...i am just totally skipping the holidays this year i think...i am just too disorganized, it's terrible really...your etsy shop is adorable, i love all the cuties you have over there!!! this is funny that you are doing the tools post also, another clay artist that i visit strongly suggested to me that i invest in some tools...i have been using just my fingers so far, i am on the fence about buying tools...

Jenn said...

Hey Jackie! Love that sneak peek...I love her already!!! Happy week to you:)

Melissa Fischer said...

that was fun getting to see your favorite tools- whoever came up with that idea was smart. You can learn a lot! I don't know what you have been working on but I LOVE her shoes! Hope you have a great day!

Chicken Lips said...

Hi Jackie - just wanted to stop by and say "hi." I hadn't had a chance to look at your work before - so glad now that I did! Really nice work - you're one talented lady!

Laurie Hardin said...

No fair, I want to see more, but love those little shoes and skirt and I'm very intrigued with the whispy black material hanging down into the picture. (Think what I was like as a child at Christmas trying to guess what I was getting!! HA--Mother's nightmare!)
Can't wait to see!

Michelle said...

Hi Jackie!
I want to come over and play!!!! :0) I'm back and will ring you later.


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Miss Jackie,

It's mean again. Yeah! Hey I am sending you an award my dear. You are one of my favorite blogs that I like to stop by and visit. Go to my blog for details.