Monday, September 8, 2008

Meeting Friends.....

Hi Everyone,
This weekend flew by....we spent most of it at the ball park and soccer fields.
With fall quickly approaching, I get slammed with all those crazy fall sport schedules. I quickly become the oraganizer of who gets dropped off at this field and who is picked up where...and of course throw in snacks, water and the right color uniform....esshh!! I do love it though and the older they get it gets more exciting!! I also pack tons of things to do for my littlest who is dragged through it all...but I know she not far behind them. I do bring stuff for me too, I can't bring clay or paint, but I bring wires to be twisted for armature....I love to knit too and its easy to knit and watch at the same I do feel like I'm getting things done. It must be the artist nature or just always having to do things all the time...I can't ever sit still. Plus, it makes me less nervous watching the kids...even at this age it's almost nail biting!!

So my weekend started off so great....I had two artists over to my house. Jenn from Noodle and Noodle Lou and Michelle from the The BlackBerry Briar. Both true talents and I adore their work immensely!! We each have kids and thought it would be a nice little play date...even for us grown up gals too! Jenn just moved here and both Michelle and I were so excited to have her so close to us. Michelle and I meet a few months ago and just clicked....she is so sweet and we relate having kids and this art thing going on. So, we decided to meet in the morning because we all have kids in school too and had to be back in time to catch them off the bus. I was on a creative high....just to relate to another mom/artist was sooo great. We chatted about marketing our art and the balancing act of raising a family too. We kept chatting and chatting and it was like we were little kids again so excited to be telling story after story!! We gave each other little goodies...which how GREAT is unexpected too!! So the time flew by and before we knew it it was time to pick up our little ones from school. I had so much truly was great food, great friends and a GREAT time!! So, go check them out and if you don't have their art yet.....get a piece you won't be disappointed!! I can't wait until our next gathering!!

Spooky Time Jingles months offering are coming on September 13th and I have been trying to finish up a few is one finished piece. I hope you enjoy!! He is a lil elephant with a pumpkin on his peanuts for him!! He loves his pumpkin treats.Last little post I will be having a giveaway. I believe I have 50 blog posts...oh my!! Take care....jackie


Melissa Fischer said...

I want to tell you how JEALOUS I am right now! To have an artist friend close by to visit with would be so wonderful- one with kids would even be greater! I bet you did have the best time just talking and visiting! What a treat!

pve design said...

Always good to join forces, especially with other creative individuals in between all the duties of being a Mom! Love your work and wishing you all the best!
I will be back for the give-away!
pve design

Jenn said...

oooooh Jackie, I had SO much fun spending time at your adorable house!! I can't wait until the next get together:) It was such a treat to meet you and Michelle in person...I really feel like I have friends in Illinois now:):):)


p.s. I ADORE your elephant:):):):)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jackie! Just discovered your blog through Jenn at Noodle and Lou. Your art is wonderful! I will be visiting regularly from now on! Come and visit when you have a minute! I am jealous too! Would love to get to meet a few blogger friends-artists in person! Nice meeting you! LuLu

Melissa said...

That Elephant is as cute as can be!! LOVE him! Look forward to seeing your other finished pieces. Happy work week!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

How cute is that?
You are so talented. I'll be back for that giveaway!