Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles peek.....

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all your kind words from my last post. I am forging ahead and taking your advice. Soon, I will be creating in a quiet house, counting the minutes until I pick up my kids...and then having to be the referee 10 minutes after they come home... a day in the life of a sahm!! So with all this change happening I'll just share a photo I took when my littlest went to her first day of preschool...it melted my heart She was soooo brave and walked right into her classroom, turned around and said "bye mom" I was strong for her and then I peeked in her classroom a bit after she walked away. So, the first day was a success....I know she will love her new classmates and all the fun things the will do. We even got are first of many art projects on our refrigerator. Can you tell I am a proud momma? Thanks again for the moms who are bit ahead of me, your advice is greatly appreciated!

So...it's that time again... Spooky Time Jingles will be offering new goodies for the month of September. Click on the new avatar at the top to go to the site....pieces will be available on the 13th, I can't wait!! I'm like a kid in a candy store...such phenomenal artists!!! Here is one of the pieces...if you rembember I snapped a pic just of her legs in an earlier post......say hello to bat girl. She has a tart pan as her dress. I love home made Halloween costumes. So, that is where I got my inspiration from....tell me what you think?
I am hoping to take some better pics....it was a bit overcast today. So don't think your advice was all for nothing. I know it's not the greatest pic....I am trying!!! So I hope you like her...she makes me smile. It will be hard to part with her...do you ever get that way about your art? So I am on a roll with homemade costume kids. I have a few more sketched out...so hopefully they will make it to clay. So before I go, here is a shot of my girls last year at halloween....I made their costumes...hence the inspiration I guess :o) I was even one too....my hubby was the farmer. (get it...farmer with his chicks...i thought it was funny). My son would NOT be a chicken (who can blame him). If you look at the picture you can see he is the headless horseman...it was a cool costume! So, at least I got to have fun with my girls. I know it won't last so I will relish in it now...I hope you get a good laugh.....

Yes.....we have already started planning our costumes for this year......happy creating everyone!!
Talk to you soon~jackie


Lori said...

Jackie, you guys are the cutest chickens ever!!! i love your witch girl, she is just adorable!!!

Lori said...

eeeeeps!!! she is a bat...duh...still half asleep here...sorry, she really is precious:)

Heather said...

Oh! that picture of your daughter is so precious! Time flies so fast....and love your little bat creation! Its so cute and spooky!~

Melissa Fischer said...

loved this post- I feel like we are in the same spot! I sent my baby girl off to preschool today and I hate it but also love the few hours I get to work! I loved your bat girl- her shoes are still my favorite part!!

Laurie Hardin said...

Oh Jackie, the bat girl is wonderful and the chicken costumes were absolutely adorable...the Farmer with his "Chicks"--too funny!!!!! Loved the photo of the youngest on her walk ahead of you for preschool...awhhhh, kinda tugs on those ole' heart strings! Great Post!!!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Jackie~
Love all of the pics and your daughter's book bag is too cool! Love the new piece!!!

Have a creative week,

pve design said...

Roosters crow
hens deliver
that lay eggs!
Love your costumes!