Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Giveaway pictures....shhh!!!

Hi Everyone,
Just popped in to post a couple of pictures of the winner's giveaway treat.
The winner was Dawn from the FEATHERED NEST. She was so sweet and she requested a birdie in neutrals. It was so fun to make and I added a little something because of her style.....
I hope she enjoys it...she should have it today :) So shhhh.....if she hasn't received it yet, I hope she likes it!

So I have been busy busy in our house is never a dull moment. I have a couple of sneak peeks for Spooky Time Jingles coming soon......

Ok....on a serious note. I had a couple of friends bring to my attention that certain artists are copying my work. I have been through all of the emotions, but then a friend mention that I read this was so helpful and encouraging. It's the post from Friday. Ullabenulla is lovely artist and she approaches the subject of Artistic Integrity. It was very moving and inspiring as an artist. I know when I sculpt....let's say a snowman, I know I am not the first to do a a snowman....but I put my own style and vision through that piece I am creating. It amazes me people out there will copy you down to the last detail...even the price you are selling your artwork at.....very frustrating!!! I don't know how they can sleep at night. So, if you are reading my blog as you are copying my artwork, I hope you look into the mirror and question your intentions. You should be creating out of your own style......not for a quick buck. Be strong....and if your not meant to be an artist, then go on to something else. I know, I get inspired by other artists, but I am not copying and then trying to sell under my name. I am flattered that people like my art, but its not flattery when you out right steal. I have struggled with this and even thought of throwing in the towel. Then, I think....why I started is why I come back to....I love being creative. I love doing projects with my kids, decorating my house and sculpting things out of bars of clay....its my playdoh as my kids would say. Yes, I get inspired by woodworking artists and fabric artists...but I sculpt out of clay. I love whimisical things and add fun junk to my artwork.....I have always said I am a student of the arts. Always learning my craft....but to go on the internet and steal someones art and then sell as your just plain WRONG!!! So go and be creative and maybe it will set you free..... then to steal someones artwork. Thank you all for have read this and thought I came out of left field with this, but artistic integrity means a lot to me. I was so glad Ullabenulla had the courage to bring this subject up.....I guess I was fired up after I read that it happened to her too! I know my friends that are reading this will agree and hopefully we can ban together and speak loud and tell the MEAN people out there to stop!! Ok, I am done being on my soapbox. I know its a sour subject and I come to my blog and blogland to laugh, smile, appreciate art and artists and to relate....because I know as an artist not everyone thinks we are "normal"...but this subject hit me hard and I wanted to share and get my frustrations out. I hope you don't mind....I promise my next post will be lighter :) Take Care.... Jackie


Ulla said...

Yeah for shouting out too! Sometimes I think that as women we are 'taught' to be quiet and not 'complain'. One of the comments on my post also alluded to this. Well, its about time we all stop being quiet about an issue that affects so many of us! I now know that this person is not a threat to me, as she can never catch up to my creativity as I move on. Hopefully you will find the same! Thank you for your comment and best of luck to you as you pursue your art with Artistic Integrity in your heart!!!

Ros said...

it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely!!!!

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi jackie
i found your blog thru dawn at the feathered nest-your work is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really enjoy your blog-no matter how hard someone tries to copy your work i really doubt that they will be able to capture the whimsy like you do-thanks for sharing your corner of the world:)
enjoy your day

Jo James said...

I hear ya!
Copycats suck.
I'm all too familiar with this particular form of "flattery".

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your birdies, the one you did for Dawn is sooo cute. I hope you and Ullabenulla get the word out there to right people!! They need to stop! Laurie

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Wow Jackie, my family has been concerned about this happening to me since I started in June. As Kristen Beason says, "It's bad karma" to copy. So sorry you have this to worry about. I guess I understand why some bloggers remove their posts and images everytime they put up a new post. Too sad because it ruins it for the rest of us.