Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles is almost some goodies!

Hi Everyone,
I promised a lighter post, but I just have to say thank you for all who commented on artistic integrity. The subject seems to be untouched, but as an artist I look at my own art as an expression of myself. So, I hope others will do the same and not copy from other artists. I will end on it's bad karma for ya...just don't do it.
We've had a wonderful weekend at the soccer and baseball fields. Here in the midwest we have had unseasonable warm weather this weekend....we have been in the 80's all weekend. I'll take it...I am usually at the the kids games in layers and getting rained on this time of year, so this weekend has been absolutely wonderful. Here is a piece I did over the summer that reminded me of today. The warmth of the sun makes me smile :)We're about to go eat Sunday dinner with my in laws, so I thought I'd post a few pictures. Spooky Time Jingles October goodies will post tonight at midnight...Here is a picture of just my Halloween goodie....She is a large piece that I had fun creating. She has a wire cage as a dress. She is trying to gather all the pumpkins she can.....thus her name is, the pumpkin keeper. My favorite part of her is her orange mary janes and striped tights. I might have to go buy me a pair. Both my girls have orange mary janes and I just love them....this time of year is my favorite.
My next goodie is one I never expected. My friend, Michelle from BlackBerry Briar and I decided to swap. I am one lucky girl to have not just one, but TWO originals from her. She is an amazing artist and I am truly the lucky one to call her friend. The first piece I actually picked out the first time I went to her lovely home. It's a whimsical birdie that matches my bathroom and I just smile when I see her....

Here is a close up her sweet face....the details are just amazing.....thanks Michelle I love her!!
The next piece was sooooo unexpected. Michelle had picked one of my witches and so we decided to do another swap......I just love what I received. I can't say enough about her. The way Michelle captures the essence of old timeless dolls is just unbelievable. She is just exquisite!! She will be left out all year around. Thank you, thank you, Michelle. I know we will probably swap again....I am so happy to have an artist friend that challenges me and keeps my on my toes.

Here is one of the pieces I made for her. Since Michelle likes the look of yesteryear and angels I decided to make her an 18th century looking piece.....She stands over 2 feet tall and has a wooden dress I made out of old wood slats....
I hope Michelle likes her pieces as much as I love mine!! I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday evening and go check out Spooky Time Jingles tomorrow or if you stay up late tonight at 12:01. I can't wait to see all the other artists offerings...they simply are some of the best artists out there. Even though we do Halloween all year long...remember if you want to get that great piece for this year's spooky holiday, you better get it fast...Halloween is just 19 days away....yippee!!!I'll be back soon :) jackie


~Tonya said...

How NEAT is that Jackie. Swaps are just the fun-est thing to do and when you can pick something out...even better.

You both have wonderful pieces from one another.

Thank you for sharing.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

p dot s..

LOVE your banners!