Monday, November 17, 2008

An award for me.....

Hi there,
This weekend was very productive and a bit chaotic at times. I decided to move my studio in the basement. What a task, plus give my girls back their own rooms. They liked being together, but I had the toughest time keeping it clean because they fought and said the other made the mess. So, I did it and separated them, so hopefully no more excuses and clean rooms. I was very torn because I always wanted a sister to share a room with, I thought my girls would love it. Yeah right, plus I know it will never be clean...but a mother can always hope, right?! So, I gave up my light airy room for the dark basement, but don't all parents sacrifice.....I have a vision of my dream studio and maybe someday I will have it :)

So, I received a wonderful award from the amazing Laurie from Monkey Cats Studio. She is an amazing artist and genuinely nice person. So the award is called a Miss Antoinette Award and I have to give it to others....which I am so bad at sooooo, I thought I would just send all the readers a hearty thank you for your inspiration and may all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families......and give back this year. Go help a family in need, donate canned goods to a shelter or pass out meals at a shelter...just give back!!! We all need it and we need others......I promise you if you do that then you will get the award inside your's an amazing feeling to give back :)

Secondly, this month Spooky Time Jingles is giving back too. Proceeds of sales for some of the participating artists are giving to a Foundation of one of own members. Our family is matching plus 10 percent will be donated in your name if you purchase one of my pieces. So take a look and buy handmade for someone this year for the holidays and give back too :)

Have a safe and scrumptious Thanksgiving. We are traveling to Colorado to share the holiday with friends. I am even signed up to do a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning with my friend. Its just a 7k but it will help burn off the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie that I can NOT pass up! Enjoy....Jackie


Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Jackie~
Thanks for stopping by my blog and an especially big THANK YOU for participating in the Autism Speaks campaign.

Have a creative week,

Melissa said...

You have been busy! Hope you enjoy working in your new digs! Happy Holidays!!