Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So the storm has passed...I think!

So over the weekend we (I shouldn't say we...my husband) fixed all the house wounds.
Our water heater was replaced...our dryer is working, so I guess I have to get to the piles(mounds)...ugh! Our shower is working.....and I think that's all I mentioned to ya in the last post. So with things in working order I am sitting here writing to you....ha! I should be doing laundry or taking a nice hot shower, but I am noodling in blogland. That's so easy for me to do. I love all the eye candy!!

It's been really cold here the last few days....we even had snow yesterday, yes I typed SNOW! When will it pass.....I think soon, hopefully. So I took a fewer pictures of a squirrel yesterday....

I know I should of been doing laundry...but I was just gazing at this little critter. How funny is he...just lying around.

I know I get a kick out of the littlest things, but this little guy made me smile. We even have a couple of ducks that the girls and I feed everyday and this little brave creature comes up too....I'm no snow white, so once he gets a little close we go inside. I am so a chicken when it comes to squirrels. We once had baby squirrels in our roof.....last year's house wound, my hubby had to fix that too, it never ends. But we had a family of squirrels living in the roof.....one day the babies got out and well....to my surprise, when I turned to go down my hallway, I saw this...see the picture below....eeek....the window was open too! I was so scared.....and the stairwell was right at the window, so I couldn't go down the stairs or scream because the screen was they only thing between me and this tiny thing!! I was soooo scared...it took some courage, but I eventually ran downstairs!

Well, my husband wanted to go and catch the squirrels himself, and I just envisioned this grown man falling off the roof and hurting himself, so I called the critter line...I forgot the proper name, the company that comes and gets pests or babies off your premise....for lots of money! So, it took three days to coax the mama into the cage...she was so smart she kept tricking the cage and getting the food. The man told us grey squirrels are the most aggressive and the smartest of the squirrel family. The man finally had to bring back the baby and within 20 minutes the mama came and finally was reunited with her family. The man took them to a forest park.....not close to our home, thank goodness! So, I was happy they moved on and my hubby didn't fall off the roof.....wouldn't that have been a funny picture. Just kidding.....I guess I still laugh when my husband tells that story of me scared out of my mind and him wanting to be a hero with a broom and fishing net! I hope your laughing with me girls!

Have a wonderful day...and I didn't know where this blog entry would take me. I hope you enjoyed my little nature story. Take care, jackie

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blah Blah Blah...I am so boring!

Ha...I am so boring, but can I tell you I am just laughing thinking about what I am about to say.....our house has been crazy the last few days. We are having a new roof put on and ya know when you try to do a home improvemnt project...some thing else breaks, well at least in our house this happens A LOT!! First, our furnace broke.....I wouldn't be too upset with the weather getting a bit nicer, but the nights are still cold...brrrr. Then out dryer breaks....this wouldn't bother me either, but the piles add up quickly with a family of five...add our little one things she's a fashion queen and changes her wardrobe two or three times a day...so its like a family of eight..ugh!! Thirdly our bathroom shower faucet is leaking and the water is coming down to the second floor bathroom...oh my. Oh yeah, remember the roof is being done too....this is madness! I will have to bragh a bit...my handy husband fixed them...not all, but the most important ones.....the furnace and dryer and the roof will be done tomorrow. The bathroom will be fixed soon, at least no water in the walls. I'm a nut and always scared of mold, YUCK! So, we are showering still, but have to downstairs to the other bathroom, so kudos to my hubby! Even with all that he fixes it all and says what next.....I get my strength from him, I would of cracked under that pressure, for sure!

So, quick change of subject......I have been in a creative lull...low, just a plain funk. It's been a for a while now. Do you ever feel that way? A good friend of mine told me that when an artist evolves or is about to go through a change in their art they go through a slump...so that was very encouraging to me, because that is the way I feel. So I dont have pictures of what I have been doing...because I haven't been too creative....a lot of projects started but none finished or worth showing, at least in my thoughts...of funk! I did snap a picture of my middle daughter's jeans....another pair of capris. We couldn't find her white mary janes so she wore these.
The have green apples, stripes, and polka dots...they are so fun for the spring!! So I hope you didn't mind the rant....I hope to snap out of the fog and get back to business....lol! I will leave you with a sneak peak of a project I am working on for a friend getting married in June.....I know it's a crummy picture, but I am still working on some of the details :) enjoy the day friends, jackie

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What month is it.....

I can't believe it's April already. We picked up soccer schedules and my head started to spin....I think my head will fall off when our third baby starts sports..oh my! Between practices and games we are booked up almost everyday until June. I do love it and to see my son going over his schedule like he won the lottery puts a smile on my face. He lives...eats and sleeps for soccer. I didn't play soccer when I was younger, I played softball....so I don't know where he gets this enthusiaum, but I do love watching him and the games are getting so exciting.

April came into our neck of the woods with a storm....and I loved it....and least it wasn't snow :)
The wind blew and it was so calming. The grass is turning greener and my lillies are even budding through the ground...yippee!! A few years ago, I transpanted lillies from the side of our house to around our deck.....I really thought it wouldn't work....I still get amazed every year that they come back and they bring friends! I know they are hearty, but I don't have a green thumb at all. So I plan to do a small...really small garden this year....I'll post my progress. Here's a picture of a one of my lilies last year.....
This inspiration came from when I first visited my husband uncles home. He is retired and lives in a retirement community. He lost his wife and lives alone. He is a true gardener....here in the midwest we get to have summer flowers and gardens only for a few months, but when I see his magical creations I wish we can have them longer. He is such a great gardner, a few churches commision him and he is busy all summer long....oh yeah forgot to mention he is in his eighties and rides his bike around town. A true inspriation! I will leave you with some shots I took a over the summer last year....I hope you enjoy them and happy April!! These lovelies were at one of the churches he does....I love hydrangas!
This is one side of his home. I know it's not close...but remember I'm challenged in the picture taking...ugh! It's truly is a wonderful garden...I hope one day I can get enough courage to plant and have a magical place like this! Maybe after all the soccer balls stop rolling around my yard...hehe! Take care, Jackie