Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring...please come!

I have been overwhelmed with all your support and wanted to say thank you for all the encouragement. Many of you have emailed me privately and I am sorry if I "freaked" some of you out...so a bit of explanation of the changes. I have been diagnosed with a rare eye condition, that can be very scary and can lead to blindness. I have seen a few doctors and a great specialist. Luckily, my complications are in peripheral and not in my center of vision...but I still have yucky days and my vision is impaired. Being on the computer strains my eyes, so that is why I needed a break. I have dropped off some lovely online marketplaces too because of this. I still plan on keeping my blog, but it will change into a journal of sorts. So daily visits might turn into monthly ones, but I will be around. I plan on selling on Etsy still, but it will be less often. Thanks again for all your support, I truly feeling blessed to have friends like you, the online art community is GREAT!!

So....is anyone ready for spring yet...I am so ready. We have had some very chilly days here in Chicago. I am looking forward to the tulips blooming and seeing green grass :D With everything that has gone on I am take in the special things like this.....and not be taking them for granted. I have been inspired to do my first painting...it's a birthday present for my little girl, who turns 4 next month. Its sort of a portrait of her and her sister...one on the polka dots reads, "My sister", and another reads, "my friend". I hope to do more...... I had trouble sealing it with beeswax.....what a yucky process. I do like the finished effect, but man that stuff is hard to work with. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :D I also am working on my first quilt. I guess with all that is happened, my inner creative spirit is feeling the urge to learn...I have always been fascinated and admired quilts, so my mother law is teaching me.....this is my first attempt! I feel so lucky to have her as my teacher and to spend time with her...what a gift! The picture is the layout of the squares....it took me a long time to decide on how to lay it out....it reminds me of spring...so spring if your reading this, please hurry, I cant wait until you arrive. Have a great night~xoxo


~dani~ said...

BIG hugs sweetie. Thank you for sharing and please know that I am here, if there is anything I can do.

Mica said...

Jackie sweet, Hope you are alright !!! I will certainly be prayingfor ya and you sweet eyes. I hope all will be okay.....thinking of you dear friend, Hugs, Mica

P.S if this came through twice I am sorry !

Chicken Lips said...

Jackie - I have a friend who is going through similar eye problems right now. Let's hope for a quick healing for you. Good luck with the quilting - I've done a bit of that myself. I really enjoyed hand quilting - be sure to give it a try. It's a bit painful at first (and bloody!) but it's really worth the effort.