Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has arrived and new bunnies to share!!

Today is the first day of spring. Whooo!!! I know many of you have anxiously awaited for this day too. Even though its still chilly here in my town, I look forward to the spring days....I am not good at quoting people, but I once heard a saying with out a long dreary winter we would not welcome spring with such joy!! I so feel that and love that is the first day of spring. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, our family is celebrating our littlest baby's birthday...she was born on the first day of spring. She is such gift...full of spunk and sassiness Happy Birthday Baby xoxoxo!!
So, I will leave you with a few bunnies that have sprung in my home. They will be available in my Etsy shoppe on Monday. If you are interested please let me know....I will hold it for you and not put in my Etsy shoppe :D Enjoy!!
Both are sold, thank you!


Chicken Lips said... usual!

vivian said...

happy birthday to your baby! and love your art work.. those bunnies are precious!
have a great weekend

sUz said...

Your bunnies are ADORABLE jaCkie! How great it is that your little one brings in spring!

iN jOy,

~dani~ said...

Hi Jackie!! These bunnies are seriously wonderful. Just totally adore them!

Lenae May said...

Adorable, Jackie!!
It is indeed bunny season...hurray!

Melissa Fischer said...

How sweet are they! My favorite is the little pink one!

Colleen said...

These are so their faces.

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I know exactly what you mean about Spring! My mom and I begin counting the days until Spring on the first day of Winter! We do not enjoy the cold at all.
I freeze when it dips below 70 degrees! I'm thankful I live in the South!

Heather said...

these bunnies are the sweetest!