Thursday, May 21, 2009

Puppy Love

Hi there....its been quite a while since my last post. The end of year schedules have sure been a doozy in my house. Between soccer, baseball, and my sons first junior broadway play, my head is spinning. I have been helping out with costumes and sets, so my creative juices have been there, so I apologize for letting my blog lapse. I have had a few emails, and thanks for your kind words. I have some things sketched out and I am teaching a class soon, so I will post some new goodies :) SO.....if you read the title and you may be thinking what does all this nonsense have to do with puppy love...well with all the chaos and even remodeling our basement, we have a new addition to our family....he is almost all black shih tzu, we named him Huckleberry, because our other four legged child, a two year old shih tzu's name is naturally we had to have a Huckleberry....he is just so darn cute!! We are all adjusting and man how your heart can grow. :D The bottom picture is so sweet he is laying under the island.....and look in the background, that is chomper our 12 year old newfie/lab mix he is just a mere 170 pounds.......lets just say Huck runs from him......
Maybe I will get a better shot of him soon...he is so squirmy!! He has been great and our other puppies are getting used to him. I will post a crummy picture, I know, but I did a custom piece for a mom giving her daughter some bling for her college graduation...this is the jewerly box they will go in.....enjoy the holiday safe and wear your sunscreen :D