Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Goodness......

It's raining and I didn't run outside today. I hope to make to the treadmill today. I am bummed, but I think I will not be running my lovely river trails until spring. So, I am trying to stay positive. I do love the Fall. Comfy boots, hats and warm and cozy blankets like these........You can find these at Garnet's on my Christmas wish list. My husband says I should keep dreaming, and to that I said, "I will and hope it goes on sale a bunch" ;) I also like the scents of fall. Fresh pumpkin pie, warm creamy soups.....(my fav with grilled cheese) and comforting smells of home. My friend Michele has a new candle website. Her great smelling candles will give youre home a inviting scent of any season. GO check them out, you will love them!! I need some soon, I can't wait to see you ;)

Here is my finished "BOO" piece....I have a few inquiries, but these are spoken for, but I will take orders. They were so fun to make, it hard to let them go. Sold! Thank you!

Lastly, The winner to my unmentionable giveaway, is Elaine. I will send your goodie soon. Thanks for all your sweet comments.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

These are wonderful Jackie!! I did get your note about the bowl...giggle!! Thanks!

Jackie said...

Oh good.....I wanted you to receive that lovely comment from your collector. She is so sweet, she has a few pieces of mine too. Happy day.

Sweet B Folk Art said...

I was drooling over that garnet hill piece too! - too rich for my blood - although I think I may spring for the green apple flannel pjs.

I just bought a double jogging stroller - we have the benifit of beautiful weather year round - time to work of this "mummy tummy" - you are an inspiration!

- B

~Tonya said...

Hi'ya Jackie!! So nice to see you back on blogland. Busy gal you are. I hope your daughter is feeling better!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the BOO pieces. You do wonderful work, not to mention a couple of other pieces on here.

I rarely get on my PC to go blog-hopping anynmore :( Life just has a way of getting in the way. LOL

I bet your trails are beautiful. Here in MN, it has been so COLD. We have had snow, but it does melt. It has been freezing at night. We have had the furnace on for a couple of weeks now...way too early in the season for that.

Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..Thank you for inspiring magical creations!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OH my !!!! Darling work!! The little penguin is sooo unique and my fav!!!! Yes, I hated running in the winter. Now I live where I can run in the winter but my bones cannot run anymore so I walk.Oh love your little etsy banner spot too with the socks. I just discovered the" Little Miss Matched "store and bought a pair of "grown up " socks with strips for me. Their socks come in sets of 3 and each one is a bit different. I bought the black and white theme .My hubby will be so embarrassed!!TEE HEE

Elaine Thomas said...

Thanks Jackie, I can't wait to receive my winning piece!! love the santas!!