Monday, October 5, 2009

It's great to be back......ROAR!!!!

Yes...I am finally back. I have a new computer and I am able to upload photos.....I felt like I was in the dark ages. No, not really. It wasn't that bad, the summer flew by. The kids and I were so busy, the computer didn't miss me much. My neck was happy and I didn't get any I was happy too. I have been noodling in blogland though and boy I did miss seeing you all and all your lovely creations. I have been busy too. I am trying to finish up Halloween orders. With all the busy schedules, I have been selling to just a local store. She has kept me very busy, no complaints, but I am trying to get some things posted on Esty soon...I hope!! With all these changes I do feel kids are growing sooo fast and becoming such great humans. I am amazed at their personalities, I am sure lucky to be apart of their lives.
So, as I was uploading photos from the summer, I gasped at how much time has lapsed....its been awhile and I am so glad I captured some of these amazing moments on is one from the zoo......can you feel the felt like it was so close and it went through your chest.....simply amazing. I love the zoo!I also trained for my first half marathon.....I had so much fun. I had a goal of under two hours....I fell short. I ran it in 2 hours and 5 hubby, kiddos and friends encouraged me with such awesome support. I couldn't have done it without you ;) This was something I thought I could have never achieved. The Chicago marathon is this weekend and I wish all my fellow runner friends.....good weather, a great run and an awesome time with friends!!
So, with chill in the air....I am accepting these new changes and letting myself breathe. It's nice to have this outlet and be able to get lost in blogland for a moment.

As summer is officially over, we say goodbye to the lake. We unwilling put away our life vests, ski's, fishing poles and wake boards. We will treasure our memories on the lake and count the days until we meet again.
Huckleberry snoozing under a life vest on the boat.I hope to upload new photos of art soon. I am doing only one gallery show and 1 show this fall/winter. So stay tuned......and if you came back to say "HI" drop me a line.......I will be giving away a Halloween goodie at the end of the week to only those who comment :o Hugs, Jackie

*****disclaimer of sorts*****this will not be the actual piece given away....but it will sure fancy you orange and black delights******thanks for stopping by!!


Blu Rabbit Design said...

Hi Jackie!
Welcome back! Looking foward to seeing your new pieces. It's funny how the internet can swallow you up (kinda like soap operas)!

Elaine Thomas said...

Hey Jackie!! so nice to see you back on the web. I missed you. Congrats on the race. I am so proud of you. I need some of the inspiration from you so I can go run a marathon. Talk to you soon. Smiles, Elaine

Artfulife said...

Hey Jackie! So nice to meet you. Your artwork is just adorable! I'll post about your giveaway on my blog. Hope you have a great week-Summer :)