Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Projects.....

Today is cold and rainy! So, today I am starting a new project. I collect old printer letters. I love them, they come in all sizes and they just make me happy. Many of you see me using letters in my art. I love children's blocks too. I am making my husband a table. A project I have wanted to do for some know the ones, I have MANY of them. If I only had more time....ugh!! This will be a small coffee table. My hubby loves these letters too, he is a commercial printer, so he loves the history of letterpresses. So fascinating how they printed, a long lost art for sure. I have already washed and pulled out the inside of an old printer drawer. Here is the top. I didn't wash the letters, some have ink on them. I love the patina they have I didn't want to destroy that, rich browns and blacks. I have to attach the spindles and order a piece of glass....I love when projects get finished, well almost :)
So, I officially stopped running outside, I know I said that last week, but we had three days of good weather this week, so I took advantage. I took some pictures of the flowers on the trail. I also took a picture of a beautiful river cottage house. This quaint little house has great big beautiful urns of flowers and one unusual pet. Her name is Rhonda. She is an African tortouise. She is beautiful. No, I don't live in the desert, but this family has one. She doesn't need water since she is from Africa. They bring out a baby pool once a week and fill it with water.....this is the only time she needs to use the potty. I see her on my daily runs, but for now I will miss her till spring as both of us can not stand the cold weather......brrrr!!Look at the scale of these urns....they are HUGE!! Look in the grass, Rhonda is by the urn closest to the house. She is the size of your car tire...with!

Christmas is quickly approaching and I have an exciting announcement to make soon.....but for now I will give you a look at some new items I am working on....enjoy and have a great weekend! Jolly Santa's on vintage doorknobs they wibble wobble back and fun and folky!

Snowman candy jars....yummy, filled with chocolate, need I say more....


Diane Duda said...

The table looks like it's going to be amazing, Jackie. And I'm in love with the Santas!!!


Miss Gina Designs said...

What a cool table! Your husband will love it!! Your newest creations are adorable!

vivian said...

Jackie, so glad you want to join the elf swap! please email me your address and email address.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Hooray, you are back on SpookyTime Jingles!!!! You didn't tell me so I was so excited to see you listed on the STJ blog!!! Welcome back Jackie!