Monday, October 12, 2009


Getting things done seems to be my downfall lately. My daughter has pneumonia and it's just been hard to get my daily tasks done, whether it's laundry, cleaning in general or finishing up some art pieces. She has been getting better, but it's been a tough three weeks. Thank goodness our family isn't fussy and we have been doing a lot of soups, hot sandwiches, homemade chicken salads.....and toast. I haven't run in over a week, I hope to go tomorrow. Tomorrow will she will go back to school, she is so anxious and BORED at home. We have done lots of shrinky dinks, reading and doing homework, because I have made weekly trips to keep her caught up. We are off today for Columbus Day, so our house is still in our comfy cozy pj''s cold here. So much for that Indian summer. I did score some finds at our local goodwill store. I bought wool sweaters from England, the fisherman's cable ones and I plan to make some pillows. I also found a wool coat, a long mid calf one for me. It's a lovely soft teal. I will snap pictures soon, it's at the cleaners right know.....I cant wait to wear it, plus it was only $7.00.....whooo!!
Here is some wip's. I plan to get some on Etsy, but I am doing a show in couple weeks. It's mostly Christmas, but I have a few Halloween collector's so...they might make the trip. If you are interested, email or comment. Here's a peek......have a great day.
This owl is in an old cheese draw. He has "31" painted on his chest. He also has a paper crepe collar. His cost is 58$ ands that includes his flight to you.....US RESIDENTS ONLY.
I also have two black birds, one with a pumpkin and the other with a festive striped party hat. They have striped wire legs and are on vintage childrens blocks. The one's that were colored blue, red and yellow. I used to play with those blocks for hours making castles. That dates me, I am sure. Cost is $28 for each....that also includes free flights to you! Enjoy!! Lastly, is a trio of Halloweenies....a witch, kitty and ghost. They are on vintage blocks too, which reads "BOO". They are not quite done, some details are missing. The witch and ghost are carrying paper treat bags and all aready for some yummy treats. The cost of this trio is 150$ and that includes their journey to your home. I can email more pics when they are finished, I will be posting them here too.

Thanks for the comments too...I will be drawing a name in a couple days, so if you haven't left a comment be sure too. You will receive a festive halloweenie treat if your name is drawn!


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Your work is just wonderful! Sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. :(

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hi Jackie - I have always admired your work! Totally understand your whirlwind schedule too!

I would love to be entered to win your Halloween Fancy.

I would also like to know more about your show - are you going to blog about it??

-Sweet B