Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are you feeling Naughty??

Are you.....feeling naughty that is? I havent done any wrapping and I am online so yes, I am feeling a bit naughty. I wish I had a few......ELVES, to do my cleaning, baking wrapping and fudge eating, yes I have had too many sweets. I need help and would like to be the big man in the red suit with all the tiny elves to help out.....wouldnt you like help too, please tell me I am not the only one behind this time of year??
With all that has been going on, our house is a bit hectic. Yes, I did get the decorating and Christmas cards out, but details have been rumbling around in my head. One class party is over, all handmade gifts were given, so one deadline is over, one more to go and then the referee mode will be turned on......yes 2 1/2 weeks of telling my children not to fight or SANTA wont come......or maybe the threat of taking their new gifts away will make them be nice to each other.......a mom can only wish!

Speaking of elves.....I did a swap with Nancy from Dog Patch Critters, and I am so happy I added something more to my holiday, but this was for me to receive a gift....and a girl loves getting gifts, even if they say they don't.......I do and this was so fabulous!! She is a bear maker and look what I rec'd....the cutest little peppermint elf!!
Last year, I was lucky to meet Laurie from Monkey Cats Studio and do a swap with her......look at my other naughty the develish grin, he stays out all year, I am so lucky to have him!So fantastic and I love my if they would only hear my rants and help me :)

One of our Christmas traditions it to go see Santa. We go to the American Legion were my Grandma volunteers. So every year they have a holiday party. We have gone since my son was born, 11 years. This year they had special entertainment......maybe these guys would come to my house.....I dont think we would get things done on my list, but I think we would laugh, dance, and get into some trouble!!! Here is grandpa and my daughter fun!! These are the little people, have you seen them?

So fun, I hope I didnt rant too much, I shall go now. I will look under my couch and in the closets for more elves and maybe they will help me out?? Enjoy the day friends~


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Love you new elf Jackie!! It is so fun to do a trade and I'm just happy you like your elf from last year because I sure love my "Scaredy Cats" I got in the trade (which also remain out all year)!!! Have a warm and wonderful holiday season with your family!!!
Great pictures!

vivian said...

Love the elfs you recieved! There were so many great artists in the elf swap, I have to admit, I kept trying to think of a way to keep everyone as a partner!
I need some help here too.. you are not alone. I need a baker and a cleaner.. and... a rich banker would be nice too!
oh yes.. and father time.. would be nice to have too.. if he would stop time while I catch up.. just a week or so would be cool!

have a great weekend