Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Giving

Christmas cards have been sent out, a bit of shopping is done and its freezing cold here. I am grateful for the warmth of my house. Still doing projects and decorating. Every year I love opening the boxes and seeing my treasures, especially the handmade ones from my children.

This year, I have really made efforts to go "all handmade".....a few store bought gifts, but look what I have found.
Candy for my sweetie...this is not his only gift, but I thought these looked yummy!!
Flavors like Salted Carmel, Tangerine Clove and Vanilla Cardamom....we like sweets in my house, but a bit on the exotic tastes..... This Charming Candy store....take a peek!

A necklace for my mother-in law. She is almost eighty and this past summer she rode over 1000 miles, yes your reading that right 1000 miles. She is a true inspiration.

I got my next goodie for my sweet too......A unique wine holder, very unique!! This shop has unique wood items....very cool and very reasonable!

Here are some my wish items.....
A perpetual calendar of some great photos from Paris - Shoppe- Little Brown Pen
And everyone needs one of creative! A conversation stater for sure...

This guys shoppe is so unique and I love old stuff repurposed.... Reclaim 2 Fame
Really my list is small, I have asked for running socks, a cd and a couple of books. Simple things make me happy and seasons come and go, but the memories fill my heart. I wish you peace, joy and happiness. Giving is the true gift when done with a loving heart. All the items above were found at Etsy, support artists and their craft. Enjoy the day~ For me I have some wrapping to do and to finish my handmade gifts for my kids, family and friends......tick tock, I better get going.... only 9 days left!!

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