Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year......what is your resolution?

Happy New Everyone!
I hope all is well. I am one happy mom.....the kids went back to school today!!! I love them dont get me wrong, but......

three kids +
frigid temps so stuck inside
= 1 frustrated tired of yelling "be nice to each other" mom....ugh so frustrated.

SO, what does today mean~
January 4th+
kids go back to school =
PRICELESS......I went to the gym, anthropologie (thanks secret santa), grocery shopping and not once did I have to kneel down and say "YOU BETTER BE NICE OR WHEN WE GET HOME YOU WILL GO TO YOUR ROOM....and threaten to take the wii away and give it to another family.....oh my!!! Am I the only mom that is going through the bickering stage....shish!!!

I dont think my kids get it...being nice to each other that is.....
My oldest gets it,plus he is a boy, but my younger girls, oh my........I have my work cut out for me.....and they are not even double digits yet......EEKS!!!!

So for the new year....I thought what resolution I'd like to have, I am the type to change my lifestyle, not just for a few I wrestled with this thought.

Balance.....that is my find balance with myself, family and my art.
I have such a full plate and sometimes all the balls drop.....
more times than not.....

so I am going to try to balance things out....are you laughing~
I know its a tall order, but I think that is where calmness comes from, so I am going to TRY!!

I have been super creative, I think that is because we have been stuck inside and it's been too cold to play. I have a custom order that is almost finished. I thought it was so sweet. This client asked if I would make "love jar" for her friend who has had a hard year and wanted to do something special for her. She has asked all of her friends to write something nice or a lovely memory and when she has a bad day she can pull a thought out to make her "smile" grand is this~here is my love jar
Enjoy the day....stay warm friends!! Tell me your resolution......


snippetgirl said...

That love jar is TOOOO cute!!! Just incredibly adorable. What a super special gift! LOVE it.
I am totally with you on finding balance. I think that is the key to happiness. I will be doing the same....just trying to slow down and calm down.
Happy 2010 to you!
Hugs, Carrie

vivian said...

hi jackie!
I used to count the days til the kids would go back to school, then again til they would get out! I loved having them home and loved sending them back. mine used to fight too, but now they all love each other, though even at 21 to 28 they still like to be obnoxious to each other. Arent they fun?
I ADORE that little love box. what a sweet piece it is. You are so very creative. and Balance is a good thing to strive for. I should think about that too. but for now, I think just concentrating on losing weight and not spending so much money on impulsive things is going to take all my energy. but balance.. thats a good thing! another think I love about blogland.. people make ya think! Maybe you should create a piece of art that has two little girls on a teeter tawter It can be a reminder to strive for balance!

Georgina said...

How I remember those days!!! My babies are all grown up and my daughter has babies of her own, 4 boys. While visiting this past Christmas, I woke every morning to screams, laughter and my daughter yelling downstairs to behave themselves....oh, the circle has come fully around!!! LOL

Get some rest and go to your happy place as many times as you can.


Ginny Diezel said...

Ah balance! Would that I had it! haha! And I am a Libran! Who knew? I remember the days of sheperding kids here and there - I had only one child, but we always had a tribe here to play. Honestly, the days will go by at what seems like a snail's pace sometimes, but when your children are much older, you will wonder where the years went....

This love jar is the sweetest thought! Bravo to you for creating such a memorable and touching piece!

xoxo Ginny

Mica said...

Happy New Year!!!! Hugs to you! Mica

Brandi McKenna said...

Hi Jackie! I love the jar! What a sweet idea. I also understand about three kids and the need for balance and calm. Lately I feel like I have definately lost it all! I have been yelling too much lately. I always try to shove too much in one day....I have to remind myself to slow down ....they will only be kids for a short while. Hope you have a productive yet calm 2010, brandi

sUz said...

hApPy neW yeAr jaCkie!

I'm with you about balance. I've started yoga again in hopes that it will calm my mind and whip my fat butt into shape! After four practices my butt is certainly whipped!

The love box is such a lovely idea and it's so sweet :)

I'm with bRaNdi, I try to remember that my two year old is going to be this age only once. It does help me keep my cool, most of the time :)

Can't wait to see your STJ offerings!
sUz :)