Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Home.....

I returned home and my mind is in so many different directions.
I went to my first art retreat.
This was an unbelievable journey.
It far surpassed any of my expectations.
The growth I felt as an artist was so intoxicating.
I was surrounded by other dreamers.

I was in an art bubble for three days...oh my!!
I met some great people.
I took two awesome classes.
The teacher, whose art I drool over was AMAZING!!!
If you haven't seen her creations check out Julie Haymaker's art.
She is phenomenal teacher and the days went by so quickly.
The only disappointment I had was I didn't snap some pictures of us.

So if you have a chance to go to Art N Soul do will have a blast.
I went alone and I left meeting some new friends~

Here are my goodies I made.....

So beyond thrilled.....I have been sketching since I have left.
New ideas and thoughts.
I have come back recharged!!
I so needed this especially in this long dreary winter.
I didn't do much site seeing.....some fantastic dinners.
I did do a bit of shopping.
My favorite store had a wonderful recycled art in the windows.
So in wishing for Spring to come quickly I snapped this picture.
Its in Anthro, they cut bottles and painted them and they look like blooming flowers!
So lovely~
As my story book week ended I had to share my picture with Humpty.
He was my fill in man for the week since my awesome husband took care of the kids at home!
I am off to clean my studio with this new found creations are a brewing!!
P.S. Thanks for all the inquiries about my Alice Teapot. She SOLD and I won the contest!
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and interest.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Almost update!

Thanks everyone for all your advice and encouragement!!
My challenge has definitely wayed on my spirits.
My family has been a huge help too......
I have some finishing things to do and some shadowing~
primping the bunny collar....
and packing this guy for his flight to VEGAS BABY!!!

I leave Monday for my first art retreat.
Excited, nervous and cant't wait!!!

Heres the almost finished piece, thanks again for all the sweet comments!!

Chat Soon :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WIP....I need help~

How was every one's love day? Mine was great. Getting handmade, kid wrapped presents is the best. They even went to my favorite candy shoppe...yummy!! We went to see the Percy Jackson and the Olympians.....if you have a son that is 11, I would recommend this movie!! So great, my son has read 4 out of 5 books in the series and has raved about it since book one. Its mythological and action packed.

I am going to my very first art retreat. I am so excited and nervous.

I received my information packet and a tea pot in the mail......

Challenge was to decorate the teapot any way you want.

The theme is Alice in here is what I have so far

I also have sculpted bunny feet......I thought maybe a free standing bunny next to the teapot.I thought of putting wheels on the teapot too....This is the first layer of black and white.....lots more to do.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!!!
As far as my Tuesday giveaway...I will have to postpone until I get back.
I started the giveaways to challenge my creativity....and right now I am quite challenged right now.....thanks for understanding :)

Chat soon :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spooky Time Jingles Update

Hi Everyone,
Dont forget to stop by Spooky Time Jingles for our February Update on the 13th.
I will have a Halloween piece and few Easter's a peek~
Valentine's this weekend, I am taking the weekend off to share some love with my family. Enjoy love day and be sure to give your love away :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowy Day...

No giveaway today....just incase you thought it was today.
I plan to have them every other week so next Tuesday....
A special heart for the .....ahem....the certain love day holiday coming!!

I do have a giveaway you can enter though.....
Go to my friend Elaine's blog she is having a SWEET giveaway.

Today, there is a pretty blanket of white on the ground.
We have a winter storm today and tomorrow.
I have to work on some projects, so its okay with me.
Here is what I am doing.....
Valentines is coming, homemade cards with the girls.
We got this idea out of the Family Fun Magazine.
Still have to finish them, but they are turning out great :)

Lots and lots of paper scrapes, googly eyes, glue and silly fun with two girls.

I finished my present to my husband, a printer table, he is a printer.
Lots of old wooden letterpress type, I really like how it turned out.
Another project of rearranging the furniture and pictures in our living room.
I admit I do this a little too often, but its a cheap fix in changing your decor.
Lastly, I just had to add this picture of my daughter, sleeping with a sweet sock stuffed friend, she has a cold and stayed home from school yesterday, so I thought this was cute.

So stay warm friends.....I'll be back soon :)

P.S. I noticed the smudge on the pics.....little fingers~

Friday, February 5, 2010

Color of the Year!!

Do you know what is it?
Did you know there is such a thing?
Well, I do because my husband is a printer and I love color.
Pantone has released the color of the year : TURQUOISE
I love this color, I love turquoise jewelry. How I love thee......
I have a bathroom this color, a wool coat, one daughters room is painted this color,mary janes heels and patent leather cowboy boots!!
Much more you see, turquoise fancy's me :)
Here is some more delights for your eyes.
A couple of rides I'd like to have.....
Somewhere I'd like to be.......

Two great girlie rooms of lovely serene!!

I love turquoise and red fun and festive!!!

Lastly, me wearing my cowboy boots. I had put these on my wish list for Christmas and my husband surprised me on Christmas great!! I will be wearing these tonight. I am going to a friends birthday party, another artist. We are celebrating her night starting at an art gallery for some yummy treats, cocktails and of course ART. I hope turquoise inspires you!
P.S. I picked the winner of my giveaway early, so I could start the next one!! Tonya your winner, email with your addy :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something New....Tuesday Giveaway!!

Today's list - Feb 2. clean and organize.....
I have a celebration at our house this Saturday.
My son's last performance, he is 11 and the lead role in the local fun!
So everyone that is attending will truck to our house after for some good fun and spirits....
Not the kiddos, they will have cake, just making sure no one goes there.
In 2 1/2 weeks I am leaving for an art retreat and I am trying to be organized. reality, this is what I have done.....
I have noodled on line, of course.....nothing like losing track of the time here.
Played with my daughter, her new thing is dancing, her favorite song is, "Lime and the Coconut".
So fun and to hear her laugh, makes me just plain HAPPY!
I tried to fix photos, you know attempt was small...ugh!!!
I think my neck has a crick from my brain and body intensely trying to do this.
This is so hard, so intimidating and oh my, oh my so CHALLENGING for me.

Don't get me wrong, I started the day with great effort to get these tasks done.
I worked out...cuz thats what I need to breathe, its my coffee~
With this vigor I thought I would get a ton accomplished...NOOP!!
The highlight was definitely dancing and laughing with my daughter.
An extra workout, which is always a bonus.
My heart fills with these moments.
I know they grow so fast and soon I will get the eye rolls when I try to reminisce and say, "we use to dance in the kitchen and be silly"......yes I know my reality is coming..
So today my heart is full and that is why.....just keep reading to find out!!!

Time is approaching that I must go get the kids.
Its snowing here.
I am not complaining, at least it 32 degrees and yes its pretty!!!
I know we will end up outside.
So my list will be changed, actually just the date, it will still read in bold letters

Feb. 3 CLEAN AND ORGANIZE....are you laughing with me.
Enjoy the day and if you are still with me.
I am trying something new.
This is new for me......I am going to have a giveaway.
I told you my heart is full.
I am going to try every other week, so yes twice a month.
I am hoping this will keep my creative juices flowing.....yummy!!
So with love day approaching, here is a wooden love dollie wearing a hand knit scarf from me :)
Just leave me a comment and I will put your name in the hat.

This sweet little helper/dancer will pick the name at the end of the week. (Saturday)

Good luck and enjoy the day :)
Oh, if you mention this on your blog, your name will go in the hat three more times!!!
Yes, your chances will triple!! A total of 4 chances, start spreading the love :)
Hugs, Jackie