Friday, February 5, 2010

Color of the Year!!

Do you know what is it?
Did you know there is such a thing?
Well, I do because my husband is a printer and I love color.
Pantone has released the color of the year : TURQUOISE
I love this color, I love turquoise jewelry. How I love thee......
I have a bathroom this color, a wool coat, one daughters room is painted this color,mary janes heels and patent leather cowboy boots!!
Much more you see, turquoise fancy's me :)
Here is some more delights for your eyes.
A couple of rides I'd like to have.....
Somewhere I'd like to be.......

Two great girlie rooms of lovely serene!!

I love turquoise and red fun and festive!!!

Lastly, me wearing my cowboy boots. I had put these on my wish list for Christmas and my husband surprised me on Christmas great!! I will be wearing these tonight. I am going to a friends birthday party, another artist. We are celebrating her night starting at an art gallery for some yummy treats, cocktails and of course ART. I hope turquoise inspires you!
P.S. I picked the winner of my giveaway early, so I could start the next one!! Tonya your winner, email with your addy :)


~Tonya said...

I too Love Turquoise Jackie! That with choc-o-late brown, YuMMy! More like a Robin's Egg Blue, but it is in the same family ;)

Love the boots and have fun at the birthday party.

And....I AM DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!! I can't believe I WON! Your sweet little Love dollie will reside with me in my studio, so that I can see her all the time.

I will email you....I just got home and I had to stop by and write a lil somethin' to ya!


Lance said...

Hi Jackie! That's almost the same color we used at our wedding last march, so naturally I think it's great! Oh and Congrats to Tonya for winning your prize!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I have been thinking of adding this color to my bedroom i have deep golden walls I thought it would be a cool accent color.

kathleen said...

cool boots... do tell more!!!!