Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowy Day...

No giveaway today....just incase you thought it was today.
I plan to have them every other week so next Tuesday....
A special heart for the .....ahem....the certain love day holiday coming!!

I do have a giveaway you can enter though.....
Go to my friend Elaine's blog she is having a SWEET giveaway.

Today, there is a pretty blanket of white on the ground.
We have a winter storm today and tomorrow.
I have to work on some projects, so its okay with me.
Here is what I am doing.....
Valentines is coming, homemade cards with the girls.
We got this idea out of the Family Fun Magazine.
Still have to finish them, but they are turning out great :)

Lots and lots of paper scrapes, googly eyes, glue and silly fun with two girls.

I finished my present to my husband, a printer table, he is a printer.
Lots of old wooden letterpress type, I really like how it turned out.
Another project of rearranging the furniture and pictures in our living room.
I admit I do this a little too often, but its a cheap fix in changing your decor.
Lastly, I just had to add this picture of my daughter, sleeping with a sweet sock stuffed friend, she has a cold and stayed home from school yesterday, so I thought this was cute.

So stay warm friends.....I'll be back soon :)

P.S. I noticed the smudge on the pics.....little fingers~


~Tonya said...

How Sweet Jackie! The Valentines that you are working on with your daughter. I am sure it is so much fun.

Boy do we have SNOW!!! Kids got off school early yesterday and NO School today. We must have about a foot of snow. We do not have it as bad as Washington DC thou...Thank goodness.

I am sure your hubby will love his VDay present.

Your daughter looks so sweet sleeping. I hope she feels better.

Have a great day and rearranging is always fun.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG Jackie I LOVE This table beyond belief It is soo perfect I want it ...your home style is my taste exactly!!!