Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Food Revolution

I usually dont talk about my kiddos or discuss our lifestyle.
We are a family that changed our lifestyle out of anger.
When my oldest (he is 11) went to school, I saw what they served at lunch.
I was literally grossed out~
We started making better food choices.
We have been eating Clean for 6 years.
What is clean, you ask.....
Clean eating is not processed food.
We cook a lot.....I should clarify I cook a lot!!
I prepare the kids lunches and snacks.
Yes, this takes time and some creativity, but its worth it!
Our kids need us to teach them, not give just give them what is conveniant.
We dont use our microwave, it actually stores my toaster and

I found this great blog today.....go check it out

It's a teacher eating & documenting the school lunches in her school.....brave lady!!!
We as consumers need to change our food system.
We have three choices a day......its better for our kids, YOU and our communities.
I will get off my soap box....I must go make dinner.
We are having fish tacos with mango salsa.....and yes I am making it :)

Also, if your free tomorrow night.
Watch the Food Revolution on ABC with Jamie Oliver!!
Check out his site too~


sassypackrat said...

Good for you! Teaching your children well now will effect the rest of their lives. I love Jamie Oliver!

vivian said...

unfinished projects! that never used to be me.. but it sure is lately! I'm torn in far too many directions and just about absolutely useless the past couple weeks!
I wonder why spring time makes us want to do so much and then totally overwhelms us with ideas?!
well heres hoping that we both finish all that we have planned!

Colleen said...

Love this...I don't allow my kids to eat that L9&*^*** either! I cook pretty much everything. Fast food maybe once every 3 months or so. (and so I admit that it is good) That's it though...and my kids get it. They think they are so special that they aren't eating that junk and feel bad for their friends who are. Keep up the good work!!