Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My cup runneth over.....THANKS SUZ!!

A few weeks ago I swapped with an artist.
The BEST perk of being an artist.
I love swapping.
With raising a family, the budget is tight.
So when I get the opprtunity to swap,
Well its like getting presents....yes I am like a little kid.
Giddy I tell you,
I jumped up and down when I open my sweet package from Suz.
She is lovely artist.
She make all sorts of eye candy....I wish I could snatch up all her delights.
Funny I mention delights.......
Her company name is Surprise Delight Joy
You must check her out.
Here are my goodies......
Three lovely houses!!!

I also received a heart necklace just in time for Valentines, so sweet.

Normally, I wouldn't share an upclose (not so flattering)FUNNY picture of myself.

This one made me laugh!!

It also has Suz's love heart necklace....

I was setting my tripod up and my sweet puppy Huck heard me talking.

Yes, I was talking to myself.
Taking pics is not my specialty, so thinking out load
He had come over jumped on the chair and investigated the situation.
I must of clicked....and well you see.

I hope you enjoyed my goodies and silly ol' me.
Now run over to Suz's shoppe and support handmade artists!!
Chat soon, xoxo


Melissa Fischer said...

Oh, how fun! I should try a swap sometime!

Georgina said...

Just too cute. I too should consider a spring swap...great stuff!

~Tonya said...

Such a fun swap to get! I too love swaps. At times, with budgets and such, that is the only time I get goodies.

Not to worry Jackie, I talk to myself too :) I think we all do, some just don't admit it. LOL

Have a great weekend.

Anne said...

I love swapping, too! ADORE your pic! (NOT un-flattering!) And think how much you'll love it years from now!
Anne ♥

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Just findng some wee time to peek on your world. Oh How I love your swaps I love the house/ home icon It represents sooo much to me. Oh nooo got to go I hear Scooty getting into something!! Yikes what is it now!!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hey sweets ! !me again I owe you big time I just saved hours wet sanding paper clay balls( 40) for a class instead of dry sanding!!!! Hugs J