Thursday, June 17, 2010

Giveaway Giveaway.....inner junk, yay!!

What a giveaway.....pop over to Junk Bonanza.  They are having a delicious giveaway, a piece of fabulous jewelry from Beth Quinn.  Yippee!!! So the question is when did you find your inner junk self?

I did not have to ponder long......
I love old, eclectic funky things,but for me it would have to be when I received my first big girl bike.
I was 11 or parents did not buy me the pink huffy with sparkles.
I received a 50s mint green cruiser........I LOVED IT!
I was so proud of that bike, I rode it for years!!

This year we actually bought our middle daughter a big girl big.....
After much research, we found this!!! Love it!!!
Enjoy your ride!!

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