Monday, June 21, 2010

Party planning anyone???

Happy Monday......
We had a wonderful Fathers Day with my two favorite guys,
My dad and my hubby, both outstanding fathers.
We grilled and hung out for the day.
I am so thankful for these two guys.
They are great examples for the kids and I truly have two gems in my life~

Speaking of gems....we are planning a combo birthday bash for our 2 girls.
Still working out some details, but I think a tea party is the census.
Since going on my art retreat and creating the teapot with Alice and the rabbit, my girls have insisted on a tea party with a wonderland my wheels have been turning.
My awesome hubby has been doing some things too....its going to be a fun gala.

If you need some party ideas....check this site out, she is also having a giveaway!!

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