Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer bugs and the blues......

Today is a bit grey, we have rain this morning and I am feeling gloomy inside too.
My oldest is going away for church camp on Saturday.
I have had months to prepare, we had to register in Feb.
Today it is hitting me and just a little too hard~
I dont know how I will manage a week with out seeing his sweet face.
Ya see he is only 11......why did I agree to this??
He will be 6 hours away.
I know I know.....he is growing up, but why so FAST~
I am trying to stay strong and not let him see me get emotional.
Even just typing this I have nervous butterflies fluttering away ........
So, as I pull myself together, I hope the days will fly by.
Speaking of flying, I have been working on bugs....ladybugs that is......
A client asked to me create some unique pieces for her ladybug tree.
How cute is that.....all sorts of ladybug ornaments.
I did two, there is Miss Ladybug  in a previous post.
When I finished with her she asked me to do a Mr. Bug.... a Gentlemen of course!
He was so fun to create and he even holds a handful of red posies behind his back. the week gets closer to an end and our son leaves for camp, I have to remember to let go a little.
I know he will have so much fun and when he returns he will probably be an inch taller ***SNIFF***
So as his week journey is about to begin and he spreads his wings a bit and begins to fly.....
I will embrace the ride.....up up and away!!!   (whether i like it or not)   
That us at a festival in Galena, Illinois.  The hot air balloons were gorgeous!!
More to come..........

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In the Light of the Moon said...

Come cant do this to me...sniff..sniff..sob..sob..I'm crying with you know!!You are being so strong..I'm crying already because my oldest is going to middle school...Yep 11 too and my hannah isnt even going anywhere like camp,and Im still a mess..why..because they are growing and there is just no way to stop the.Why cry over what we cant control....Because we're mothers..thats why!Big Hugs to you and your little man.Cat