Monday, August 16, 2010

Another project crossed off my list.....

We are in countdown mode at my house. We have 9 days left until school starts.  I can not believe summer has zipped away. 

I love this time of year.
I don't know about your kids but mine bicker, some days are better than others, but by now I can tune them out like a champ. 
Unless one has blood streaming down my face, I don want to hear what one did to the other.
I know....I sound like I don't care, but I do, our house rule is treat others as how you would like to be treated,

This is how it goes.......running footsteps towards me.
Mommy, Mommy, Jake did this to me....its usually a scuffle, but well enough to drum up crocodile tears and no marks visible.  
I automatically ask Kate, what did YOU do??......more footsteps running towards me.
Jake interrupts, I stopped her from hitting me and she got mad.
I reply, is that mommy Jake wouldn't let me hit him and he was laughing at me.....
You see Jake is 12 and our youngest is 5.
So, I send them on their way and tell Kate not to hit and she turns around and says, I am not, Jake wouldn't let me. (as i try not to laugh....hehehe)

Some would think this is funny (which i do), but after the 10th time its more frustrating than comical.
Our middle child was sick this week, so we laid low and needless to say everyone was bored.

So, today started off with a bang!
We finished up getting school supplies and clothes....I love this part!
I remember the smells of new erasers, shiny notebooks and new art supplies.
To me it was like Christmas morning, I loved all new art supplies, clothes and the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones.
I know I am a dork, but the start of school was just so much fun and now as a mom....I am excited to send them on their way...yippee!!!

We always buy a special outfit for our kids.
It is still hot, summer like temperatures so they usually still wear their summer shorts and such, but they love picking out something new.
This year, I wanted to make the girls a funky pair of capri's.....
As you know, I LOVE fabric and I couldn't resist to challenge myself with ruffled capri's.
So, I have finished a 2 pairs and have three more to do!
 This was my first pattern I followed and my first pair of pants I have ever  MADE!!!
My girls love them and I have already been stopped to make/take orders...heheehee!!
I don't think I will change from working in clay to manufacturing pants, but I do love them~now if I could only make them in my size :)
Enjoy your day :)
xoxo jackie


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh Thanks for the reminders I hated the shoes that neded breaking in and the follwoing blisters - but LOVED that I got a new box of crayons every year!!! Darling pants can you make me a pair???!!!

Jackie said...

I know....I love them and want to lounge in them all day :)

PEA said...

adorable. I wish I was little, I would get you to make me a pair. LOL J.Kidding but oh so cute.