Monday, August 30, 2010

Some gifts dont have bows....

I am feeling very grateful today.
I was fortunate enough to take an art class from an uber talented gal from the west coast.  Due to my moms generous gift I was able to take one of Alisa Burke's workshops here in Chicago at the Create Workshops.....
So fantastic, I learned so much and experienced a new found love for creating large!
Most of you knew I work small, this class was called Larger Than Life!!
I had to let go and paint layers and layers on a huge canvas, mine was 5 feet wide or so....GI-NORMOUS!!!!!
I was scared, terrified and starred at the blank canvas for quite a bit, but then just started adding layers.  
It was cathartic and wildly fun!!
I think this has changed my art and I am not intimidated by large canvas anymore.....yay!!!
Here is a my canvas...I am still added elements and have quite a bit to go, but I am happy with my progress.
This was an unbelievable gift (thanks mom!)I cant wait to get messy with my kids! There are so many projects that are running through my mind~I just need to find the!!!
Enjoy the day   


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

What a wonderful gift to receive Jackie!!! Stopped by to see what was happening and you are looking like you have had a very FULL summer!!

Kasey said...

sounds like a blast Jackie.