Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is near......

Christmas is near and I hope there is no stress for you, really I do.
I think last month was my stressful time with all the doctor visits.
We are all doing better, thank you for all your kind emails.
They were all so sweet and kind, you warmed my heart.
I am busy making handmade gifts....many to do this year.
In our family we have a tradition of helping others.
We have sent shoe boxes filled with toys and necessities for kids across the world.
You can too, there is still time, here is the link.
We also are packing meals for kids on Friday here.
If your local there is still spots available, come on by!  
My kids are counting the days to pack meals......its very rewarding for them, for me too!

With being so cold outside, I have found time to do one home project.
I know right, I cant believe it either....
I have wanted a kid station in our extremely small entry way forever.
With three kids it can get, it gets MESSY.
So, I found this piece on the side of the road.
Yes, my runner friend and I picked this up and stuck it my van.
My husband rolled his eyes and I had another project in the garage....I confess I have MANY!!
Well this one is checked off my list.
My daughter helped and we had fun.
It looks very anthropologish to papers patterns and prints. 
The last thing to do was to find some baskets.
My hope is my kids will get there stuff in the baskets instead of the floor, crossing my fingers. 
A friend and I went to the flea market last weekend...yes in December we trucked out in the cold....brrrrr!!
It was well worth it.....I scored two vintage wire milk baskets.
They fit perfectly, what do you think?      

We have played in the snow since we all feeling better.....I had to add this picture, just for fun.
I want you to look closely....we have a new friend in our house.
She is the one looking out the door.....can you see her?
She is a white/mix Siamese cat. She hung around our house all summer. With winter coming I desperately wanted to find her a home because I knew she wouldn't survive the brutal cold here.
Well, we haven't found her a home yet, but thankfully she is warm.  We have named her Molly and if your interested, please email me.  I unfortunately can not have cats, but my heart couldn't see this sweet animal with no home. She is the sweetest and even loves my two shih tzus Huck and Finn. She loves playing and just being by you......
I believe animals that have faced hard times just know and have the best dispositions, don't you think?
Please find it your heart to spread some love this holiday season and all year through.  I wish you all a very merry holiday, chat soon xoxo  

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vivian said...

no stress? I wish! Its been so crazy around here and it sort of makes me mad because every year I say next year is going to be different! OH well.. I must thrive on chaos!
I see your kitty! stop by my blog and see how one of my kittens has dressed up for the holidays! lol!
have a great week