Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Food Revolution

I usually dont talk about my kiddos or discuss our lifestyle.
We are a family that changed our lifestyle out of anger.
When my oldest (he is 11) went to school, I saw what they served at lunch.
I was literally grossed out~
We started making better food choices.
We have been eating Clean for 6 years.
What is clean, you ask.....
Clean eating is not processed food.
We cook a lot.....I should clarify I cook a lot!!
I prepare the kids lunches and snacks.
Yes, this takes time and some creativity, but its worth it!
Our kids need us to teach them, not give just give them what is conveniant.
We dont use our microwave, it actually stores my toaster and

I found this great blog today.....go check it out

It's a teacher eating & documenting the school lunches in her school.....brave lady!!!
We as consumers need to change our food system.
We have three choices a day......its better for our kids, YOU and our communities.
I will get off my soap box....I must go make dinner.
We are having fish tacos with mango salsa.....and yes I am making it :)

Also, if your free tomorrow night.
Watch the Food Revolution on ABC with Jamie Oliver!!
Check out his site too~

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Happy St Patty's Day.
My only piece for the green lucky occasion.
Its in my Etsy shoppe at a special price.

We ate colcannon last night.
Basically, it's mashed potatoes with cabbage and leeks.
So yummy!
Its usually made with left overs from your corned beef and cabbage.
Such a comfort food~
The only thing my hubby went to the store and bought the cabbage.
I asked him to grab cabbabge already shredded, to save me time.
He came home with purple cabbage....oh my!!!
So we had purple potatoes.....its was pretty cool for the kids!!
My son actually said this would be good for Halloween.....
What do you think?
It's actually is so good, the picture doesnt do it justice.

We also went to the parade in the rain....
Pretty funny pictures, we had a great time :)

We saw silly leprauchauns on crazy motorcycles! So funny~

Doggies with socks and of course an Irish BIG!!

Bagpipers......Oh I love the bagpipers!!
Good times with good friends, what a day,enjoy yours!

Thursday, March 11, 2010 goodies!!

Pop on over to Spooky Time Jingles on the 13th.
New goodies and I can't wait to see all the eye candy.
Here's a peek of one of my pieces.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My cup runneth over.....THANKS SUZ!!

A few weeks ago I swapped with an artist.
The BEST perk of being an artist.
I love swapping.
With raising a family, the budget is tight.
So when I get the opprtunity to swap,
Well its like getting presents....yes I am like a little kid.
Giddy I tell you,
I jumped up and down when I open my sweet package from Suz.
She is lovely artist.
She make all sorts of eye candy....I wish I could snatch up all her delights.
Funny I mention delights.......
Her company name is Surprise Delight Joy
You must check her out.
Here are my goodies......
Three lovely houses!!!

I also received a heart necklace just in time for Valentines, so sweet.

Normally, I wouldn't share an upclose (not so flattering)FUNNY picture of myself.

This one made me laugh!!

It also has Suz's love heart necklace....

I was setting my tripod up and my sweet puppy Huck heard me talking.

Yes, I was talking to myself.
Taking pics is not my specialty, so thinking out load
He had come over jumped on the chair and investigated the situation.
I must of clicked....and well you see.

I hope you enjoyed my goodies and silly ol' me.
Now run over to Suz's shoppe and support handmade artists!!
Chat soon, xoxo