Thursday, January 27, 2011

love....make some love and share!

Creative juices are easily distracted with three kids. I try to be creative daily but sometimes our life becomes chaotic and....well, I will be doesn't happen! I did happen to get some things done for the love day and my daughters birthday which is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Baby!! I haven't been in clay in so long.....I miss it, but my hands are thankful. I created this french girl holding a heart on a buttoned box. I also made the frame with buttons.  Found the frame in the clearance section, painted and glued buttons which I had on a piece of burlap. This piece will stay out all year, but perfect for Valentines Day. I forgot where I saw this frame idea, so if it was your idea, send me an email and I will add your link.   

I have been painting canvas and making bags which I got the idea from this talented gal. I was fortunate enough to take her class last summer and I have found painting fun, intimidating, but fun! I also made this box and got the idea from her book Canvas Remix, so full of great ideas. This box will be for my daughter for her hair clips, I am trying to keep those things organized....trying....  

It was made from all the scraps from the canvas bags, just cut up and glued to a box. I added a fun wooden knob and some wooden feet.

I made a few bags for Christmas presents and just got carried AWAY! My daughter asked for one for her birthday and I thought it would be fun.  I got the great charm from here. Her shop is so fun and she also had a fun spread on making bags in the magazine Gifts Cloth Paper Scissors. The striped bag was from her pattern and then I made two others with words. The combinations are endless!       
Make some of your own love today and share it with others....xoxo!

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